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Essential Resources for Electrical Contractors in South Africa

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Areas: Southern AfricaNorthern CapeWestern Cape,Cape WinelandsFree StateGautengNorth West Province, LimpopoMpumalangaNatal 

SAPAC South African Electrical Contractor Resource

"Welcome to our SAPAC  resource list for electricians in South Africa. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career in the electrical industry, this curated collection of resources is designed to assist you in staying updated with industry standards, regulations, and best practices. Explore these valuable resources to enhance your knowledge, skills, and connections within the South African electrical community."

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The Electrical Approved Inspection Authority 

SAPAC The Electrical Approved Inspection Authority of South Africa

Read: Who is the Electrical AIA 

The Electrical AIA  (Electrical Approved Inspection Authority is a private company duly appointed in terms of the Electrical Installation Regulations with the statutory duty to conduct test and investigations on the part of the Consumer and to aid the Department of Employment and labour in the overseeing and ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical installations performed by electricians.

Do I need to register as an Electrical Contractor

Download: Registration Criteria

If you are a solar installer you must be a registered Electrical Contractor with the DOL.
NOTE: If you have received this link from an Electrician or Someone rather act on the information as soon as Possible.

If you are starting a career in the Electrical industry, use the information for your benefit. Learn from seasoned experienced Electricians. Never consult yourself, and use the opportunities presented here to navigate the electrical trade. If you are unsure about something rather ask someone experienced.

"Electricity is Hazardous commodity and it always follows the shortest best route" So make use of this opportunity!

Contact details of the Department of Labour




Download: GAUTENG


Download: NATIONAL

Electrical and Solar WhatsApp Groups

The Approved inspection authority has taken a Pro Active stance in creating a National Electrical Group and a National Solar Group. The purpose of these groups is to share regulations, and general advice. These groups assist you to ensure you have the required legal assistance, advice and required information to ensure your work is to standard and regulations. To access these groups you will need to complete a basic form.


Once you are in this group you will have the required access to other information that will be highly beneficial for your use. 

What is the Role of SAPAC in all this?

READ: The Role of

SAPAC The SAPAC Role Resources for Electricians


Some common questions received!

Q: We are a Solar company and we would like to form part of SAPAC how do we join?

A: To form part of SAPAC Professionals and Contractors you must prove that you are indeed registered as an electrical contractor with the DOL. Furthermore you must make the effort if you are a registered electrical contractor to form part of the WhatsApp groups mentioned above.

Q: I install solar but I am not an electrical contractor why should I care to register as an Electrical Contractor?

A: By not adhering to the law you are in effect breaking the law in terms of the OHS Act 83 of 1993, including the Electrical Installation regulations. Furthermore you take therefore full accountability of the installations that you are doing illegally. And should you be caught you will be prosecuted.

Q: We install Solar but we make use of an Electrical Contractor subcontractor. What is the problem with that?

A: It is clearly stated that solar installations must be performed by Electrical Contractors. However you must employ the electrical contractor and further to that you must be registered as an Electrical Contractor. Common sense prevails.

Q: I am a single phase electrician and I install solar. However I have general control. Can I form part of SAPAC?

A: Outstanding, do you employ the general control installation electrician in your company? This is a requirement.

Q: What is SAPAC about?

A: Read: SAPAC Mission and Objectives 
Afrikaans interview with SAPAC


This resource library may be used by you to educate your Clientele. Simply go into a Link and forward the link to your client WhatsApp. 

 Want to add some technical information? You are most welcome to get into contact and share the information to the SAPAC collective. Kindly do note technical information will first be presented to Subject matter experts in the Electrical Discipline to corroborate the information.

SAPAC Approved Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter List South Africa

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