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What this Page is about:

SAPAC provides a safe and integrated network and own unique solution to SAPAC Stakeholders

What does this mean?

  • We cover all possible and related segments of the Professionals and Contracting industry and focus on networking and cohesion. 
  • We cover all possible and related segments of the Professionals and Contracting industry and focus on Marketing each other where even when ever possible.
  • SAPAC Stakeholders is specific to different disciplines. We each can learn share ideas and where possible and permitted enter to working agreements with each other.  
  • The SAPAC Facebook Groups are all private or public to control participation. SAPAC will scan and scrutinize all Social Media member requests to ensure a safe networking environment FREE from HACKER - SCAMMERS and Spammers 

What we each have to offer:

  • Each of us has a different specific set of skills and understanding including interpretation of legislative interpretations and layouts (Subject matter experts)  
  • Each of us has different and unique clientele that requires specific services or different types of clientele with caution tags. 

This is an exciting way Professionals and Contractors from different disciplines  can and may interact with each other on:

- Law interpretation and execution 
- Standards (SANS) including Regulations
- Questions relating to unique issues and solutions
- General information sharing and loads more.

Have an idea, contact SAPAC and we can see what we can do to accommodate you. To join the Discord Channel Discord will need to be downloaded. 


Why Discord for SAPAC?

Discord is more secure than Facebook & WhatsApp including other platforms. 

Links for Social Media Groups to Join & Use

NOTE: Once joined kindly let Admin know, All SAPACs will obtain Pre-Approval to post. Use only SAPAC Logos to create customer awareness. "Only Association logos allowed" but no other marketing firm logos is allowed. SAPAC has gone to great efforts to raise awareness among Social users. SAPAC is listed with the Advertising regulatory board to assist you with illegal marketing activities.

More Groups will be applied in due course.

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