Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse

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Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse

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In the realm of business, reliability and trustworthiness are paramount. SAPAC, a platform dedicated to bringing together verifiable, correctly registered business entities. In this statement, we'll delve into what SAPAC represents and what you should keep in mind when navigating professionals or contractors.

Registered Entities

At the core of SAPAC's mission is its commitment to ensure that the stakeholders on the platform are not only registered but also rigorously checked. This dedication to accuracy ensures a high level of trustworthiness for those seeking to engage with these entities.

Public's Right

The public retains the commercial right to request verification of their chosen Professional or Contractor through SAPAC. This verification service is provided free of charge, to the public demonstrating SAPAC's commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of the professionals and contractors listed on the collectives platform.

Access to Commercial Benefits

Professionals and Contractors who choose to join the SAPAC collective can gain access to certain commercial benefits. SAPAC has gone the extra mile to provide these advantages, underlining its dedication in supporting professionals and contractors.

Freedom of Choice 

It's important to note that there are numerous professionals and contractors operating outside of the SAPAC realm. The decision to join SAPAC remains a personal one for these entities, and SAPAC respects this autonomy.

A Commitment to Public Safety

In closing, SAPAC wants to make it clear that this statement serves as a declaration, not advice. SAPAC's primary objective is to act in the best interests of the public's safety. And to provide a recourse should a public member experience issues. This is addressed immediately by SAPAC.

By providing access to verified, registered professionals and contractors, SAPAC is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all who engage with entities that wish to list with SAPAC.

In summary, SAPAC is a platform that champions transparency, verification, and the freedom of choice for both businesses and the public. Whether you're a business seeking to join or an individual looking for professionals or contractors, SAPAC stands as a reliable resource committed to your safety and satisfaction.

Public complaints received

If public complaints is received, SAPAC will forward the details of the respective industry authorities that can and may handle the complaint in their respective disciplines according to their procedures. It is not SAPAC that makes the call with regards to a specific discipline. Each and every complaint is handled in accordance with the relevant procedure of a specific discipline. 

Relay of critical information

SAPAC understands that the public might not be aware of or know where to get critical information and sometimes this information is overlooked. Thus some information that is published will be placed on the SAPAC group and be shared for the benefit of the public. PRESS HERE to join the group here https://bit.ly/JoinSAPAC

SAPAC is here to assist the public. Including Professionals and Contractors.

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