No more Solar Installations on Asbestos Roofing a Response

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This is What you can Expect for installing Solar on Asbestos

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Referral Article: Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse

Subtitle: Understanding the Risks, Laws, and Solutions for Solar Installations on Asbestos Roofs

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No more Solar on Asbestos Roofing

(Read Below the Article by SAPAC in response to the Citizen)

The Solar-Asbestos Conundrum in South Africa

In recent years, the push for renewable energy solutions has gained tremendous momentum. One such solution is the installation of solar panels and solar geysers. However, a critical concern arises when these installations are planned on roofs containing asbestos. Ignorance of the law, as it turns out, is no excuse in this matter. SAPAC, the Professionals and Contractors Collective, is taking a strong stand against solar installations on asbestos roofs, citing legal regulations and the paramount importance of public health and safety.

SAPAC Stand Against any type of Solar Installations on Asbestos Roofs

SAPAC Operations Voices Concerns over current trends by Self named Solar installers and self named plumbing companies!

SAPAC, a self-regulating organization, it is resolute in its stand against solar installations on roofs with asbestos. This stance is based on legal considerations and a commitment to safeguarding public health and safety. The organization emphasizes its determination to resist pressures from installers who disregard the law.

Legal Framework: Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape: Read below 

Section 10 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 plays a pivotal role in this debate. It mandates that any person involved in the design, manufacture, sale, or supply of articles for use at work must ensure the safety and health of those using these articles. This includes compliance with prescribed requirements.

(2) Any person who erects or installs any article for use at work on or in any premises shall ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that nothing about the manner in which it is erected or installed makes it unsafe or creates a risk to health when properly used.

SAPAC's Role in Ensuring Compliance

Assisting Those in Need 

SAPAC is dedicated to assisting individuals and entities who find themselves in a dilemma regarding solar installations on asbestos roofs. This includes helping them devise viable plans of action and connecting them with the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority. These authorities perform legal inspections and offer legal recourse, the client then has the option to handle these accordingly. 

The Clash with Renewable Energy Goals

Balancing Commercial Interests with Public Safety

While commercial interests may clash with SAPAC's stance, the self regulating organization underscores the long-standing issue of asbestos being shifted from one point to another without adequate proactive measures this has been going on now for a couple of years and should end! The public often remains uninformed about the real dangers of asbestos exposure. This passing of the ball must stop! It has caused the public to be misguided into not understanding the real dangers of Asbestos anymore. 

The Urgency of Addressing Asbestos

A Genuine Public Health and Safety Concern is being passed around by commercial voices like a ball.

"Regardless of ongoing asbestos-related projects, the issue remains real, with the high cost of roof replacement being questioned by "experts" claiming it to be exorbitant." - SAPAC

In contrast to the article in the Citizen it is claimed there is no real benefit for the replacement of roofing.

On the contrary replacing roofing carries allot of benefit not only to the health and safety of occupants but also to the environment we live in. To bring down the prices of replacing asbestos roofing there is valid plans and means that can be made to bring about a positive change. It is SAPAC strong sincere believe that the elephant in the room does not want to be addressed! There are legal ways to tackle these issues on a community level! And these experts know it! 

6. Collaborative Solutions for Asbestos Removal

Community Initiatives, Corporate social responsibility and Shared Responsibility

To tackle asbestos issues effectively, SAPAC suggests that communities unite to find viable commercial solutions together. Shared responsibilities and costs among stakeholders can pave the way for asbestos removal projects that benefit everyone involved. It is not a pipe dream. It is a lack of will and the chasing of profits.

Compounding this issue as we all know is the current state of affairs. That is inherently affecting everyone's thought processes. We are concentrating on risk management due to the state of affairs, whereas we can and should do something by ourselves for ourselves. But in line and according to standards and said regulations. Stop passing the ball to each other. SAPAC is doing something about it!

7. The Role of Legal Experts and Contractors

Sorting Through Different Contractors

Legal experts must acknowledge the diversity of contractors in the field. There are those affiliated with SAPAC, legal contractors not yet part of the collective, and illegal contractors operating without due consideration for safety regulations—an issue SAPAC is actively and aggressively addressing. 

8. The Legal Industry Perspective

Legal Professionals and Contractors do Prioritize Safety

Legal electricians and plumbers prioritize safety and compliance with asbestos regulations. Those who work on asbestos roofs may either be unaware of the risks or choose to ignore them, endangering both clients and workers.

But wait! It is essential for all legal professionals or contractors to get in contact with SAPAC. If you suspect you may work on asbestos roofing and do not know how to identify it. You are advised to seek professional guidance or by contacting SAPAC that will assist you free of charge to get in contact with an expert. Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse and you should very well know your legal liabilities on year 1 of your business.

9. Identifying Asbestos: SAPAC's Guidance

Promoting Safe Practices

Identifying asbestos is paramount. SAPAC offers its assistance, connecting individuals with professional asbestos inspectors who can ensure safe practices are followed. And that costly mistakes fines or jail time can be avoided. Get the relevant legal liability training for all in your company.

Navigating the Solar-Asbestos Challenge

The collision of renewable energy ambitions with asbestos concerns highlights the need for a balanced approach. SAPAC's unwavering commitment to legal compliance, public health, and safety offers guidance in navigating this complex landscape. Ignoring the law is not an option, and understanding the risks and regulations is key to achieving both renewable energy goals and a safer environment for all.

Download the Asbestos Regulations Here: [LINK]

Read offences and Penalties for not complying with the Asbestos Regulations [HERE] 

Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of regulation 3 up to and including regulation 24 is guilty of an offence and upon conviction liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 12 months and, in the case of a continuous offence, to an additional fine of R500,00 for each day on which the offence continues or to additional imprisonment of one day for each day on which the offence continues: Provided that the period of such additional imprisonment must in no case exceed 90 days.

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