"Important Considerations for a Safe and Secure Solar Panel system Installation in South Africa".

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"Reducing the Impact of Load-shedding with Solar Panel Systems in South Africa: Considerations for a Safe and Secure Installation"

South African homeowners seeking to lessen the effects of load-shedding by installing a solar panel system must be mindful of several key factors to ensure a successful and secure installation. To ensure your solar panel system is installed safely and legally, it is imperative to choose an accredited electrician. Utilizing the services of trusted and experienced solar installation companies is crucial for ensuring a seamless process.

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Seven (7) Key Factors to note:

1. The SAPAC Electrician you source from the SAPAC Panel in your region will complete with you the SSEG Application form, this is dependant on your municipality by laws. A part of the SSEG application is to be noted that an engineer will be required to inspect your roof. This is for your safety including the liability of your chosen electrical installer. 

2. Only a registered Electrician with a Wireman's licence may install solar.

3. Only a firm where the Director of the company holds a Wireman's licence may install solar. Or, where such director employs a registered electrician with a Wireman's licence.

4. A solar system or part there off may only be installed under the direct supervision of a MIE or IE (Master Installation Electrician or Installation Electrician)

5. PV Green Cards is just an accreditation not a licence to install solar.

6. The electrician that has a wireman's  licence in the employ of solar company (see point 3) may issue a CoC. However must be a permanent employee of the said solar company.

7. Companies that identify as "Solar installation companies" must employ a suitable certified electrician that holds a wireman licence and that is in actual fact registered with the department of labor.

SUITABLE Meaning - Accredited and certified to work with AC / DC Current.

SANS 10142-1:2020 (See Annex M) Edition 3


The South African Professionals and Contractors (SAPAC) platform offers a comprehensive list of certified electrician solar installers that have been verified for their experience, expertise, and certifications. Make use of the SAPAC platform's "verification" search function for added peace of mind when selecting a solar panel installer. If the electrician is not yet on the SAPAC platform contact SAPAC.

The certificate of compliance (COC) is an important document that confirms the safety and legality of a solar installation. However, some solar installers may use sub contracted electricians to sign off on the installation, which is illegal. To avoid this issue, it is vital to ensure that the electrician you choose is accredited and capable of providing a legitimate COC. This can be verified on the SAPAC platform.

Before installation, homeowners must also read their insurance policy to make sure that it covers damages caused by power surges and fires. In case your insurance policy does not cover these incidents, it is essential to adjust it accordingly. It's also important to inform your insurance company of the value of your solar system to ensure adequate coverage. With a legitimate COC in hand, you can have peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your solar system, your insurance company will repair the damage.

Other important factors to consider when installing a solar panel system include proper installation, updating your insurance policy, taking into account the possibility of load-shedding, and understanding your insurance coverage. Load-shedding may result in power cuts, which can be a problem for alarm systems and electric fencing. To avoid potential issues, make sure to secure your property during load-shedding and understand the conditions of your insurance coverage in case of theft or damage.

By following these considerations, homeowners can ensure a safe and successful installation of their solar panel system. Hire an accredited electrician, check for a legitimate CoC, read your insurance policy, ensure proper installation, update your insurance policy, consider load-shedding, and understand your insurance coverage to secure your home with a reliable and safe solar panel system.

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