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Why use Kandula?

We are a registered private entity, that complies with all legal requirements and schedules as indicated in relevant statutory frameworks that governs the construction and building sphere.

We are registered for Value Added Tax, The Master Builders Association, the National Home Builders Regulatory Council and identify as SAPAC  Professional Contractor. Our team including our corporate members can provide clean clear criminal checks every time on request. 

Information on Kandula Construction.

Kandula Construction was formed and incorporated in 2001. Officially registered in 2002 in the Southern African Gold Fields. From here Kandula secured various construction sites including other areas not related to the mining sector. Thus the company expanded into the Western Cape. 

The reputation and integrity as a firm is beyond reproach! Therefore Kandula Construction guarantee workmanship whenever possible. The key to their success is their people. Solid experience and development of people the different employees ensure that each individual is a staunch subject matter expert in their respective occupation within the firm. Therefore quality is purposefully driven through management members and top management members. 

Kandula Construction is committed to delivering superior customer and quality services, and is thus the management structure strategically arranged to ensure that your project is taken hands on with a full compliment of understanding the required requirements to deliver towards project undertakings and where applicable deadlines. 

Kandula Construction, commitment towards a common goal as a company ensure the vision of the company stays in accordance with the construction sphere requirements imposed on it. And where applicable to meet or excel upon design and construction requirements.  

The Kandula Construction team

Kandula Construction, can build complete new projects from foundation to roof with all internal and external fixtures and utilities. This means any new project or plan undertaken can be built in accordance with the required requirements. Be it inland or coastal projects.

Kandula Construction, has the expertise to perform renovations, historical buildings or new buildings or buildings that require addons. This includes sealing of roofs, painting and tilling. 

Kandula Construction is also and have been involved with semi civil engineering works. This means Kandula Construction can do semi civil engineering works that encompass the design, construction, lay out and maintenance of storm water drains, curbing tar works and other civil construction work.

Kandula Construction ethos is that: "What you need, we can deliver and that we turn every job into a job well done!" 

Kandula Construction

Photo Credit: Kandula Construction (Some of our Fleet Vehicles)


Kandula Construction have a dedicated boiler making and carpentry team, this in effect means that the Kandula boiler making and carpentry team may effortlessly design and hand craft beds for children or to construct play parks where required. Some of the other benefits of this team means that carports can be manufactured and erected on site where required. Some of the other works include small wall decorations, custom made tv stands or specialised pre manufactured gifts from treated steel. 

Wooden Picket fences and specialised burglar proofing is another much wanted requirement and being in construction well made burglar proofing is always a requirement when and where required. Commercial and private clients always benefit from added security features. 

Kandula Construction also manufacture property entrance gates that can be custom ordered and they also supply and assist with the installation of gate motors. 

Kandula Construction believe that locally owned business entities build strong communities, by sustaining vibrant town centres, linking neighbours in a web of economic and social relationships that is contributing to local causes. It is therefore with pride that we support local suppliers as far as possible.

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