Approved Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter and Solar systems List South Africa

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Approved Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter List South Africa

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Did you know that with SAPAC there are trusted firms, that complies with regards to requirements. To get in contact complete the form above. Further down in the article is much more information for you.

The Approved invertor list has been established by the City of Cape Town taking into several considerations. Any other invertor that is not on the list will not be touched by any Legal Electrician. So tread carefully.

Public Caution to Invertors flooding the Market in South Africa

If you are in the market to obtain a Solar Management system either for commercial use or for your dwelling you will be well advised to get into contact with a registered electrician. If you are in doubt you may contact SAPAC that will be able to assist you.

Press here to access the approved list of invertors [DOWNLOAD]

How to contact the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority?

SAPAC Bravoscan Electrical Approved Inspection Authority

Why you would need to contact the electrical approved inspection authority!

a) You suspect that your Certificate of Compliance is fake.
b) You have an installation that has been performed on Asbestos Roofing, you were not informed of the Dangers associated with it.
c) The installer promises to get to you or have not returned your calls.
d) You have contacted various electricians and have told them about your system that has been installed but they refuse to assist. Note they have a legal reason to refuse. You should get in contact with the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority.
e) When someone provides a COC where they were not the installer. 

Press here to Report in confidence and obtain assistance [] after completing the form contact their office.

Their direct number: 082 902 4851

If you are unsure you may Contact SAPAC to assist you to get in contact with the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority. 

Who installs legal Solar Management Systems

Great question, you may have requested some solar installation quotes. However the chance that you may look at the best deal is going to bite you later.

Ask SAPAC for assistance. The assistance is free to perform a check on your chosen installer and will save you in the long run.

SAPAC has only registered legal electricians and legal electrical contractors on the SAPAC platform. And on top of that has access to Electricians across South Africa. This means that you will obtain a legal installation to standard and in line with regulations. Meaning your COC will be valid. 

Verify your Solar Installer with SAPAC

Verify your solar installer, if you cannot find them get in contact with SAPAC anytime, it is no hassle we are here to assist the public free of charge.

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