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Bravoscan - Electrical AIA, an introduction

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Areas: Southern AfricaNorthern Cape, Western Cape,Cape Winelands, Free State, Gauteng, North West Province, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Natal 


What is the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority

Special Introduction on the Electrical AIA by SAPAC-South African Professionals and Contractors 

Electrical Approved Inspection Authority

What you should know!

The demand for solar energy is on the rise in South Africa, but with this growing popularity comes an increased risk of fraudulent activities in the solar installation sector. These activities pose a threat to consumers and their investments as unqualified and unscrupulous individuals exploit the market. The resulting concerns about public safety, particularly among vulnerable groups such as the elderly, highlight the need to address this issue. The Electrical Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) plays a crucial role in upholding electrical discipline and public health and safety, warranting attention and action. 

The Electrical AIA's Role in Safeguarding the Public

An AIA is a private company duly appointed in terms of Electrical Installation Regulations with the statutory duty to conduct test and investigations on the part of the Consumer and to aid the Department of Employment and labour in the overseeing and ensuring the safety and compliance of electrical installations performed by electricians.

In the context of solar installations, the AIA conducts thorough inspections and audits of Certificate of Compliance (COC) reports. Through these assessments and certification in terms of Section 39(5)(b) of the OHSA , the AIA evaluates the safety of the installation, the quality of the workmanship  carried out by relevant electrical contractors. The AIA then provides consumers with a either a certificate, statement or  legal report based on their findings, empowering the Consumer to make informed decisions, hold unscrupulous contractors accountable and protect employees and property

Not every inspector is an  Approved Inspection Authority there is certain conditions to be appointed as an AIA. Every AIA is endorsed by the Department of Labour and the SANAS with a specific mandate to inspect and report on electrical installation regulations to the Department of Labour

SAPAC Collaboration with the AIA

To further strengthen the verification process, the South African Professional and Contractors Collective (SAPAC) will collaborate with the Electrical AIA. The South African Professional and Contractors Collective (SAPAC) assists in verifying the credibility of electricians performing solar installations or other electrical functions.

SAPAC Role with Electricians

SAPAC identifies electricians who adhere to the electrical installation regulations and comply with the applicable SANS standards. Electricians identified by SAPAC are classified as

ESTP (single-phase electrician),
IE (Installation Electrician),
or MIE (Master Installation Electrician).

As is depicted in the Electrical Regulations.

SAPAC allows and assist consumers to make better-informed choices when they browse online on social and when selecting an electrician for their solar installation, minimising the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities. SAPAC, with effective participation and collaboration, will also provide the reporting form for the public to report non-compliance issues to the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority. 

Questions related to SAPAC

Question related to SAPAC can be found in our Mission and Objectives [LINK]. To note the relevant associations plays a crucial role for the electrical industry. However, SAPAC is not a replacement towards any association. And we are not an association we are far from it. We however advance on other levels the correctly registered Professionals and Contractors. And should an issue pop up, every one knows. Man up, acknowledge the mistake and proceed correctly. SAPAC has a certain function on a commercial level that benefits the professionals and contactors correctly in other manners and ways. Contact us for more information.

Reporting and Contacting the AIA

Prompt reporting of issues or suspicions related to fraudulent activities is crucial. Consumers can access a reporting form through this link.

(Bravo Scan Form) The AIA



or contact SAPAC directly for assistance we may assist you with the direct link. The form is available free of charge and aims to facilitate documentation and subsequent action on reported concerns. Its a no brainer really, and utilising the AIA will provide you with a factual legal report that may be utilised by a victim of an incorrect installation.

The Motivation Behind SAPAC's Actions

SAPAC is committed to ensuring public health and safety, particularly in the realm of correct electrical solar installations. Recognising the potential risks associated with improper installations, SAPAC operates as an independent private entity, assisting the public in reporting issues and offering relevant services related not only to electrical contractors but also to other disciplines. Therefore SAPAC acknowledges that electricity is not only a commodity but also a hazardous commodity that demands the utmost respect and compliance with necessary standards.

Addressing Fraud and Ensuring a Safer Future

Effectively curbing fraudulent activities necessitates reporting any incidents promptly. The negative consequences of fraud extend beyond individual victims and impact society as a whole. Raising awareness and taking proactive measures, such as reporting to the electrical AIA, are crucial to mitigating the risks associated with solar fraud, protecting consumers, and fostering a safer future.


The increasing demand for solar energy in South Africa has unfortunately brought about a rise in fraudulent activities within the solar installation sector. Recognizing the pivotal role played by the AIA in upholding electrical discipline and public safety, it is essential for consumers to engage reputable solar installers verified by SAPAC and report any suspected fraudulent activities. By collaborating and taking necessary precautions, individuals can safeguard their investments and contribute to a more secure and reliable solar energy landscape in South Africa.

What to watch out for with Solar!

Low priced deals that seem like a bargain, discrediting entities like SAPAC that provides viable information on social media. Discrediting other institutions where electricians are registered in order to comply with legal requirements. Discrediting electricians and stating that the green card system is the way to go. This is not true. When someone discredits a bona fide discipline this should send up the warning flags immediately.

While its true that some electricians make mistakes, they do however man up and fix those mistakes. When you have a problem and an installers disappears, or does not answer the phone or provide a call back. This is when you know you have been taken for a ride. Get in contact with the AIA. It is crucial and paramount for not only your health and safety. But provides a recourse to stop these fake installers.  

What you never must do.

Never request an electrician to install a battery and inverter in your home or to change the design material they are using. There are legal requirements that electricians must adhere to all the time. If you want to change their installation parameters do note that they have first right towards refusal seeing that your health and safety takes priority above their legal liability. It is best to ensure that a structural engineer is involved with your installation. Many real electricians already assist with structural engineers with regards towards the requirements and SANS standards to ensure you obtain the correct and best advise. It is after all your health and safety of your family that takes precedence of cheap and fake installers.

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