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Beware and Take Action:

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Safeguarding "Public Spaces" and the Hazards of Hiring Contractors

Attention, homeowners! It is crucial that you pay close attention to the following message. Lately, there has been a surge in the number of self-proclaimed "contractors" infiltrating various areas. Making an informed choice when hiring a professional or contractor is paramount to avoid disastrous consequences for your desired project, be it a renovation at your home or business.

At SAPAC, we are deeply concerned about the reputation of legitimate, skilled, and competent contractors that suffers every time a member of the public complains about a negative experience on social media. This raises an important question: why didn't you utilize provides you with the means to identify genuine professional service providers and contractors. In case problems persist, we have established plans to address any issues and ensure you receive fair assessments from subject matter experts, benefiting both you and the contractor. It is important to note that is not a governmental institute.

 Exercise caution when selecting a contractor, especially when it involves adherence to the relevant SANS standards. We strongly urge housing agents to make use of and take note of the monthly seminars held in George (for your information). In kind read this article: How to build a home

The reality, whether you like it or not, is that the potential presence of unregistered, ill-equipped, and incompetent contractors in various regions is noticeable. Coincidently and consequently, crime rates have witnessed a significant rise in these areas.

Let's consider some issues we have identified:

  • For instance, Mr. and Ms. Smith relocate and contract an external contractor. While this contractor may have a good reputation, they hire transient laborers who move with them to the new location. Once the project is completed, the contractor terminates their agreement and leaves the laborers to fend for themselves. This is an alarming concern as it creates problems within the community they have left behind.

Another critical point to note, and contractors should pay close attention, is the behaviour of your employed personnel.

SAPAC Loose Lips Sinks Ships

  • has heard sensible information about individuals in certain unknown companies who divulge sensitive information without authorization. Picture this scenario: you visit a client for a quotation, accompanied by with some employees, or not. After work hours, an employees shares your activities at a local pub or gathering place. does not apologize for stating this, as the information has been heard from a reliable source and it stands as fact.

Remember, loose lips sink ships, and this issue is well-known. The client remains unaware that they have been approached by a disreputable source. Consequently, clients become vulnerable to the following risks and contractors get underquoted:

  1. Subpar workmanship
  2. Low standards of work ethics
  3. Increased likelihood of break-ins and other criminal activities

The solution lies in, where stakeholders have a voice and more. We encourage members of the public who rely on social media for hiring contractors to exercise caution, as social media platforms are open books. Instead, reach out to for guidance on the appropriate steps to take. Remember, is a free open resource that you can contact for assistance.

Contractors seeking guidance on the way forward are advised to get in touch with and find out what a being a stakeholder means. We are actively conducting monthly seminars, diligently addressing concerns in each area. is committed to making a difference and will not remain idle. presents a progressive and viable solution to combat these problems.

Of course, the public the client still has a choice where and how to get their own contractors. But apart from that, other members of the public know what it means to expect quality service delivery. then also makes sure of the necessary in respect of this.


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