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South African Professionals and Contractors - (SAPAC), visited the Garden Route Food Pantry.

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The South African Food Sock, is making a difference!

Based in the Western Cape, George, the Garden Route Food Pantry was visited by the South African Professionals and Contractors Collective, to find out more, about this ingenious project that is being undertaken by Mr. Carl van Blerk from the Garden Route Food Pantry.
Photo credit: William Viljoen

Your attention! - The Food sock!

It goes without saying that many persons are aware of the Garden Route Food Pantry, including the mission that Mr. Carl van Blerk has taken upon himself to eradicate hunger. However, starting such a facility has been challenging due to obstacles such as insufficient financial support and limited food resources.

Foodsock is a Solution based - outcome initiative!

A concerning trend has emerged in South Africa where more and more families are transitioning from the middle-class to poverty, struggling to provide meals for their loved ones. To address this issue, the Food Sock initiative was introduced, which is affordable, easy to prepare, and highly nutritious. A family of four can enjoy daily varied meals for less than R1000 a month. 

Why, support the food sock initiative?

By supporting the Food Sock initiative, we can bring back dignity to those struggling with daily depression and hunger, promote economic growth, and make a significant impact in alleviating hunger across South Africa. Like minded Business owners across Southern Africa including corporations is invited to make donations to the Garden Route Food Pantry to facilitate further growth and larger distribution of the initiative. And to find out more what it entails.

How the food sock was created!

The Food Sock, a high-quality product, was created with the assistance of Master Chef Francois Ferreira and celebrity Chef Nataniël. It is now available in 9 different flavors, catering to a wide range of individuals such as those financially affected, the elderly, students, campers, and even the wealthy.

Become involved for the right reason with the Food sock!

Eden Community Hope Outreach NPC, a non-profit organization, provides meals to the poorest individuals in our communities through the Food Sock initiative. Financial donations are welcomed to support this cause, where a family of four can receive a meal every day of the week for a month at a cost of only R750 per month (equivalent to $42 US Dollars).

The ever expanding footprint of the Food sock!

The current footprint has expanded and therefore shows the commitment and steering of the food sock project. However much more assistance from corporate entities is requested and individuals is encouraged to make a viable difference. And to engage with this program that is full of promise to make a difference.

2023 Start

SAPAC Garden Route Food Pantry Food sock

2024 Current

SAPAC Food Sock Carl van Blerk

Factual information on the food sock project.

The Food sock has also aired on South African Television Network to broaden the awareness of this exciting project being undertaken. Expats wanting to make a difference reading this article is encouraged to make contact with the Food Sock Project through this link  - PRESS HERE


Facts about the Food Sock

Carl van Blerk, the Garden Route Food Pantry's founder and CEO, is the mastermind behind this initiative. These food socks comprise eight distinct meals with various flavors, each enclosed in an eco-friendly plastic sleeve that is effortless to prepare. Each sock is capable of feeding between four and six people with ease.

What is a food sock?

Food Sock


This product offers a self-contained, nutritious meal that can be prepared by adding water and cooking. It is an excellent option for those seeking an affordable and convenient meal, including individuals experiencing poverty, senior citizens, students, campers, and anyone else in need.

How food sock is made?

How is the food sock prepared? The food sock is prepared in accordance with specified guidelines to ensure freshness and sealed accordingly and labelled with the different contents that make up a food sock. On the back of each food sock is specified instructional information and the nutritional value of each food sock. 

Weight of food sock?

The average Weight of a food sock can range from 90 grams upwards to 220 grams.

Preparing a food sock?

Just follow the instructional information on the packet, add water, prepare and serve.   

Can food sock be exported?

Yes, following the different export rules and guiding rules as stipulated food sock may be exported under the specific guidelines set.   

Is food sock great for contractors?

Yes, with its versatility the food sock is a great extension of a meal that is packed full of energy and can be mixed with various other related produce, red meat, fish, chicken, mayonnaise, with extended carbs such a brown or white bread. Perfect and balanced for a working individual. In turn the food sock is not only a reliable add on but also a very budget friendly extension solution to any budget. 

Become involved for the right reason with the Food Sock!

Now, knowing this information, forward this link to someone that you are aware of that can engage and make a difference with this exciting project. The viability of the food sock project is one that can make a difference across Southern Africa and make a difference within communities. Find out more by contacting the Food Pantry and find out how you or your organization may become involved. The Food pantry has shown time and again that it went from strength to strength in being a viable solution. Contact them them today:

Direct Line           (+27) 071 427 5638 
Email Address:
Address:               Pearl Street, Tamsui Industria, George


Photo credit: William Viljoen 

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