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South African Business and Home Owners take note.

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Are you aware?

Are you aware that, as an electricity user, you are legally accountable for the safety of your electrical installation? This means that when you undertake building alterations, such as additions or extensions to your existing electrical setup, you are legally obliged to ensure that the work is inspected and tested by a registered and duly licensed professional. This authorized individual is the only one permitted by law to issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) after confirming that the work complies with the Wiring Code (SANS 10142 – 1).

Electrical users in South Africa

Each electricity user in South Africa must possess a CoC for a new electrical installation, alterations to an existing electrical setup, or when a property changes ownership.

Social Media Platforms

Avoid the temptation of opting for Social Media for the 'cheap incorrect route' by engaging a self named contractor or unauthorized contractor for your electrical installation. 98% of the time they lack the qualifications to perform such work and cannot issue the required CoC according to the law. And many times fraudulent CoC are issued.

Stringent legislation mandates that anyone engaging in electrical installation work as a contractor must be registered with the Department of Labour (DoL), and this registration must be renewed annually.

Before hiring someone for electrical installation work, request the following from the service provider:

1. Proof of SAPAC Professionals and Contractors status.
2. Proof of registration as an electrical contractor with DoL.
3. Proof of registration as a registered person with DoL.

Or request SAPAC for credentials or assistance no matter the type of Contractor or Professional you want to engage with! 

Managing Liability

So, what recourse do you have as the client if the electrical contractor defaults, leaving you with an incomplete or non-compliant installation?

Use a SAPAC Electrical Contractor

The good news is that if you hire an electrical contractor who is a stakeholder of SAPAC Professionals and Contractors, you know that this professional is above board.

Furthermore, when you engage a SAPAC stakeholder you benefit from contacting SAPAC with any issue so that such issues can be addressed in a Professional manner in line with procedural requirements.

SAPAC Professionals and Contractors aims to provide the end-user that is you with peace of mind, knowing that SAPAC Professionals and Contractors' stakeholders are committed to delivering legally compliant work. The bar has been set.

In the rare event of a complaint, you may approach SAPAC directly. The complaint will then be dealt with swiftly and in line with SAPAC procedural requirements.

SAPAC will investigate your complaint. And ensure that you are assisted correctly or that you are provided the correct information to ensure a positive outcome should there be issues.

Electrical SAPAC Contractor

Choosing an Electrical SAPAC Contractor stakeholder gives businesses and homeowners confidence that their electrical installation has been certified by a trusted competent and capable electrical contractor as reasonably safe for use.

When selling your business property or home, remember that only CoCs issued by compliant, registered electrical contractors are legally acceptable.

SAPAC Electrical Contractors

Ensure that your electrical contractor is a member of SAPAC Professionals and Contractors – their work is guaranteed, and they will display the SAPAC logo on quotations and vehicles with their respective and respected associations.

Visit our platform at to verify your electrical contractor's SAPAC status or to find a SAPAC Professionals and Contractors stakeholder. Alternatively, contact SAPAC directly.

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SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is national in all South African provinces.

Limpopo, Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Free state, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape Province

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