SAPAC Frequently asked Questions

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SAPAC Frequently asked Questions

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SAPAC Trust Matters

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Did you know that with SAPAC there are trusted firms, that complies with regards to these requirements. To get in contact complete the form above. Further down in the article is much more information for you.

What is SAPAC Professionals and Contractors and how does it work?

SAPAC stands for South African Professionals and Contractors, a platform connecting clients with a collective of professionals and contractors in the construction industry. Think of it as your one-stop shop for finding reliable builders, electricians, plumbers, and more, all in one trusted place.

Here's how SAPAC Professionals and Contractors works in short:

  1. The correct Professionals and Contractors understand: Qualified professionals and contractors voluntarily go through a rigorous interview process to ensure they meet SAPAC requirements, 
     Because trust really does matter.

  2. If you meet one you can contact SAPAC or read their client reviews and you can compare comparative quotes to find the perfect fit. Its not about the cheapest quote its about the perfect fit.

  3. Trust & transparency: SAPAC actively combats scams by encouraging user feedback and openly addressing any reported issues found.

So, why choose SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

  1. Peace of mind: Say goodbye to construction woes! You get trusted professionals and contractors who deliver quality and consistency work to standard and regulations. Not everyone can become SAPAC 

  2. Convenience: Find, compare, and hire saving you time and effort.

  3. Support the industry: By choosing SAPAC Professionals and Contractors, you contribute to higher standards and ethical practices in the South African construction.

Why trust matters to SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

Trust: The Cornerstone of SAPAC's Mission and Objectives

For SAPAC Professionals and Contractors, trust isn't just a buzzword; it's the bedrock of the entire mission of all SAPAC Professionals and Contractors.

Here's why:

1. Building a Reputable Industry:

The South African construction industry, like many others, has unfortunately been plagued by issues like unqualified contractors, shoddy work, and even scams. This erodes trust and makes clients hesitant to invest in crucial projects. SAPAC is rebuilding trust by ensuring its stakeholders meet rigorous standards, promoting ethical practices, and holding stakeholders accountable.

2. Client Confidence and Peace of Mind:

Imagine the stress of hiring a contractor for your dream home renovation, only to face delays, budget overruns, or worse, subpar work. Trust in SAPAC removes this anxiety. Clients gain confidence knowing they're dealing with the cream of professionals and contractors committed to quality and delivering on their promises. This translates to peace of mind throughout the project. Either commercially or on industrial projects.

3. Stronger Relationships and Collaboration:

The construction industry is a complex web of interconnected stakeholders. Trust fosters stronger relationships between clients, professionals, and regulatory bodies. This encourages collaboration and communication, leading to smoother project execution and ultimately, better outcomes for everyone involved.

4. Improved Industry Standards:

When trust prevails, professionals hold each other accountable to higher standards. This incentivizes continuous improvement, innovation, and adherence to regulations. The ripple effect benefits the entire industry, driving up the overall quality and professionalism of the South African construction landscape.

5. Protecting Consumers and Promoting Fair Practices:

By actively combating scams and unethical practices, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors protects consumers from financial losses and potential safety hazards. This not only safeguards individuals but also promotes fair competition and a level playing field for all honest businesses in the industry.

In essence, trust is the fuel that drives SAPAC's engine. It's the foundation for building a better construction industry in South Africa, one reliable project and satisfied client at a time.

Who can join SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

Not just anyone can join SAPAC Professionals and Contractors! The interviews process ensures only qualified and trustworthy professionals grace the platform. Here's who fits the bill:

1. Qualified Professionals and Contractors:

  1. Builders: From builders and carpenters to roofers and landscapers, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors welcomes licensed and experienced individuals in various construction trades.

  2. Electrical Contractors & Registered Plumbing Experts: Electricians with relevant qualifications and registered plumbers.

  3. Other Skilled Trades: From painters and drywall specialists to security system installers and pool technicians, any relevant trade with proper qualifications is welcome.

2. Meeting Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Positive References: Solid work history and glowing references from past clients strengthen your application. Your references in this instance matters.

    2. Insurance Requirement: Having valid insurances is essential to protect both yourself the client including the project!

3. Voluntary and Collaborative:

Joining SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is voluntary, but stakeholders embrace the platform's mission of promoting trust and quality in the industry. They actively participate in upholding its standards and contribute to a positive community.

If you're a qualified professional or contractors and want to join SAPAC:

    1. Be prepared to provide proof and get aligned its a commitment. 

    2. Visit the platform ( for detailed information on the application process.

    3. Demonstrate your commitment to professional ethics and quality work.

By joining SAPAC Professionals and Contractors, you gain access to much more, build your reputation, and contribute to a better construction industry in South Africa. Yes we are active!

Remember, SAPAC's focus is on quality and trust, so only the best make the cut. If you have what it takes welcome aboard!

Who can use SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

Anyone in South Africa seeking construction, renovation, or maintenance services can benefit from using SAPAC Professionals and Contractors! Whether you're a homeowner tackling a bathroom remodel, a property manager overseeing building repairs, or a business owner planning a new office expansion, SAPAC caters to a wide range of needs. If you are working on a National Key Point or on a mining operation it might be a good opportunity to speak to SAPAC Professionals and Contractors 

Here's who can especially benefit from using SAPAC:

    1. Homeowners: Say goodbye to the hassle of searching on social media with 120 comments! Find qualified professionals for any project, from small plumbing repairs to major kitchen renovations. Get peace of mind knowing your project is in qualified hands.

    2. Property Managers: Ensure proper maintenance and repairs without the stress of finding trustworthy professionals. Gain Access through a diverse network of skilled contractors to handle any issue, from leaky roofs to electrical upgrades.

    3. Business Owners: Get your commercial projects done right with access to experienced commercial builders, electricians, plumbers, and more. Save time and money by comparing quotes and finding the best fit for your specific needs.

    4. Anyone Seeking Quality Services: Whether you need a quick painting job or a complex landscaping project or  planning your next shutdown, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors connects you with professionals who deliver excellent results. Get fair pricing, transparent communication, and reliable workmanship.

In addition to specific user groups, anyone who values trust, convenience, and high-quality construction services will find SAPAC Professionals and Contractors valuable. The platform offers a safe and reliable way to find the right professional for any project, big or small. And there are relevant procedures in place adding an extra layer if requested.

Remember, regardless of your needs or project scope, using SAPAC Professionals and Contractors gives you access to not just a network of professionals and contractors, it reduces the risk of scams and shoddy work, and promotes ethical practices in the construction industry.

So, if you're in South Africa and need assistance with any construction-related tasks, head over to SAPAC Professionals and Contractors and find the perfect professional to get the job done right! Do get in Contact! 

Does SAPAC Professionals and Contractors subcontract Professionals or Contractors?

No, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors (SAPAC) itself does not subcontract professionals or contractors. Their platform has another purpose it serves the professional or contractor 

Here's a breakdown of their role:

    1. SAPAC Professionals and Contractors: Acts as a Concierge  and provides an platform for corporate and private clients to perform research on information or to request information. And to contact SAPAC. 

    2. Professionals and Contractors: Are independent stakeholders who place their credentials on the SAPAC Professionals and Contractors platform and directly handle any subcontracts they may choose to undertake.

The decision to subcontract lies entirely with the individual professional or contractor you choose. (Refer to Section 37.2) Some may prefer to handle projects themselves, while others may choose to subcontract specific tasks to other trusted professionals or contractors within SAPAC

If you're concerned about whether your chosen professional or contractor plans to subcontract any part of your project, it's best to communicate directly with them to clarify their approach. Most reputable professionals and contractors will be upfront about their plans and will discuss any subcontractors they intend to involve. However note most professionals and contractors will normally put their subcontractors through SAPAC for checking. 

Here are some additional points to consider:

    • Transparency: SAPAC Professionals and Contractors encourages the SAPAC stakeholders to be transparent about their practices, including potential subcontracting.
    • Client Choice: Ultimately, the choice of whether to engage with a professional or contractor who plans to subcontract rests with the client. However if unsure consult in confidence with SAPAC.
    • Due Diligence: Always conduct thorough research and ask questions before hiring any professional, regardless of whether they plan to subcontract. You have a commercial right to utilize SAPAC Procedures. 

By using SAPAC Professionals and Contractors and exercising due diligence, you can find qualified and reliable professionals and contractors for your construction needs, whether they handle the project themselves or choose to involve trusted subcontractors.

What can I do with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

SAPAC Professionals and Contractors (SAPAC) opens up a world of possibilities for anyone seeking construction, renovation, or maintenance services in South Africa. Here's a glimpse of what you can do with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors:

1. Find the most reputable Professionals and Contractors

    1. Obtain a diverse repertory of qualified and quality professionals and contractors across various construction trades, from builders and electricians to electrical solar installers, plumbers, architects and engineers and much more.

    2. Contact SAPAC to find the perfect fit for your project.

    3. Read up on Professionals and Contractors compare quality quotes to make informed decisions.

2. Secure Reliable Construction Services:

    1. Hire trustworthy professionals who meet rigorous SAPAC standards, ensuring quality work and peace of mind.

    2. Access a reliable network for projects of any size, from minor repairs to major renovations new builds or large industrial undertakings.

    3. Reduce the risk of scams and shoddy workmanship by choosing verified professionals through SAPAC.

3. Simplify Project Management:

    1. Get multiple quotes from quality comparable professionals, saving time and effort.

    2. Communicate directly with professionals and contractors on the platform for easy project coordination.

    3. Access resources and information to aid in planning and decision-making.

4. Contribute to a Better Industry:

    1. By choosing SAPAC Professionals and Contractors, you support higher standards and ethical practices in the construction industry.

    2. Promote accountability and transparency by reporting any problematic members.

    3. Contribute to a safer and more reliable construction environment for everyone.

5. Beyond Direct Services:

    1. Report issues and concerns related to building matters or electrical solar problems directly to SAPAC.

    2. Access insights and information on various construction topics and trends.

    3. Stay informed about live scams and potential risks within the construction industry.

Remember, SAPAC is your gateway to reliable professionals and construction services, improved project management, and a more reputable construction industry in South Africa. So, whether you're tackling a small project or managing a large-scale development, don't hesitate to leverage the power of SAPAC for all your construction needs!

How can SAPAC Professionals and Contractors assist me with issues?

SAPAC Professionals and Contractors' (SAPAC) primary focus is the Consumer and that of the Professional and Contractor. SAPAC provide valuable assistance in these scenarios:

1. SAPAC Connecting you:

  • SAPAC is vast network of professionals and contractors. However it is important to note that different Professionals and Contractors works in accordance with different South African National Standards (SANS) and different regulations. For these Regulations there are different regulatory bodies. They are dully appointed by the Department of Labor and are then therefore accredited through SANAS Inspection bodies.  

2. Providing resources and information:

  • SAPAC's News offers insightful articles and resources on various construction topics, including common building problems and electrical. While they may not address your specific issue in detail, they can equip you with knowledge and help you to find a resolutions to a problem. 

3. Facilitating communication with professionals and contractors:

  • Through the platform, you can easily contact and communicate with relevant professionals and contractors near you. This allows you to discuss your issue, request quotes, and schedule appointments for further diagnosis and potential repairs. Contact SAPAC.

    4. Reporting problematic professionals:

    • If you've encountered issues with a contractor previously, SAPAC provides a mechanism for reporting them. This helps protect other users from similar experiences and encourages responsible practices within the industry.

      5. Promoting awareness and education:

      • By advocating for higher standards and ethical practices, SAPAC indirectly contributes to better overall construction quality and potentially reduces the occurrence of issues. This benefits consumers like you by promoting a safer and more reliable construction environment.

        While SAPAC may not directly troubleshoot or fix your problems, they ARE a valuable resource in finding the right professionals, getting informed, and navigating the construction landscape more effectively.

        Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

        • For immediate repair needs: If your issue requires immediate attention, it's best to directly contact a reputable professional contact SAPAC's directly.
          • For complex issues: For highly technical or complicated problems, consulting a qualified specialist SAPAC's may be necessary.
            • For ongoing support: Consider using SAPAC's platform as a resource for finding reliable professionals for future projects or your maintenance needs.

              Remember, SAPAC is a valuable tool for finding trustworthy professionals and navigating the construction world in South Africa. SAPAC will assist you where it can to solve every issue, they can significantly help you have the required resources to address your needs effectively.

              Is SAPAC Professionals and Contractors a Scam?

              No, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is not a scam. It's a legitimate platform in South Africa with top professionals and contractors in the construction industry only. Here's why:

              Evidence of Legitimacy:

              • Established presence: SAPAC has been operating in South Africa for several years and has built a reputable presence within the construction industry.
              • Regulatory collaboration: They work with regulatory bodies like the Electrical Contractor Approved Inspection Authority and other like minded authorities to ensure compliance with construction standards and regulations.
              • Focus on transparency: They actively address scams and openly report, demonstrating a commitment to ethical practices.
              • Positive user reviews: Numerous clients have left positive reviews and testimonials on the professionals or contractors own platform, praising their service and the quality of professionals they found.

              Addressing Concerns:

              While no platform is foolproof, SAPAC actively works to prevent scams and protect users. Here are some measures they take:

              • Rigorous checks: Professionals undergo a thorough interview process, including different checks, to ensure only qualified and trustworthy individuals join the platform.
              • User feedback and reporting: They encourage users to share feedback and report any negative experiences, allowing them to investigate and address concerns promptly.
              • Scam awareness resources: They provide resources and information on construction scams and tips to avoid them, raising awareness and educating users.


              • Due diligence is crucial when hiring any professional or contractor, regardless of their association with any platform.
              • Read reviews on SAPAC professional or contractors platform, compare comparative quotes, and ask questions before making a decision. Compare apples with apples you cannot compare a self named contractor on social media with a contractor that work in line with regulations to ensure you are safe.
              • If you encounter any suspicious activity or questionable professionals on SAPAC, report it immediately.

              Overall, SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is a reputable robust platform offering valuable services to both clients and professionals in the South African construction industry. They perform a positive role in promoting trust, quality, and ethical practices within these sectors and disciplines.

              How does SAPAC Professionals and Contractors prevent fake contractors?

              Preventing fake contractors (self named contractors) is a critical priority for SAPAC Professionals and Contractors. They employ a multi-pronged approach to ensure the collective is a trusted place for clients seeking reliable construction professionals or contractors. Here are some of their key measures:

              1. Rigorous Process:

              • Application Review: Every aspiring stakeholder undergoes a thorough application review. This includes interviews and more.

                2. Ongoing Monitoring and Review:

                • Performance Reviews: Client feedback and reviews are actively monitored. A pattern of negative feedback against a member triggers further investigation and potential removal from SAPAC.
                • Random Audits: Random audits of stakeholder ensure ongoing compliance with requirements. It is not uncommon for SAPAC to query its stakeholders.
                • Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies: SAPAC collaborates with regulatory authorities to share information and identify potentially fraudulent individuals.

                3. Transparency and User Empowerment:

                • Open Reporting System: Users can easily report any suspicious activity or negative experiences with a stakeholder directly on the platform. This enables SAPAC to investigate swiftly and take appropriate action.
                • Scam Awareness Resources: SAPAC proactively educates users about common construction scams and how to identify fake contractors. They provide resources and tips to help users make informed decisions.
                • Public List of Live Scams: SAPAC connects to a live list of scammers who is known in the industry and elsewhere. This serves as a valuable resource for users to avoid known bad actor and different sectors.

                4. Building a Community of Trust:

                • Professional Code of Conduct: All stakeholders must adhere to a strict mission and objectives, emphasizing ethical practices and client satisfaction.
                • Peer Reviews and Support: SAPAC fosters a community amongst its stakeholders where they can share best practices and hold each other accountable for upholding high standards.
                • Positive Reinforcement: Recognizing and highlighting reputable members who consistently deliver excellent service motivates all members to strive for excellence and maintain the platform's integrity.

                While no system is foolproof, SAPAC's comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of fake contractors operating on their platform. They combine rigorous processes with ongoing monitoring, user empowerment, and community building to create a safe and reliable space for clients and professionals in the South African construction industry.

                What are the major difference between SAPAC Professionals and Contractors and other Associations, Institutes or Organizations?

                While there are various associations, institutes, and organizations in the construction industry, SAPAC carves a unique niche with its distinct focus and approach. Here's a breakdown of the major differences:

                1. SAPAC Target and Function:

                • SAPAC: Primarily connects clients with construction needs. Its core function is practical and consumer-centric taking a quantitative and qualitative approach.  
                • Other organizations: Focus can vary widely, encompassing industry advocacy, promoting professional development, setting standards, or facilitating networking. Their functions may be industry focused.

                2. SAPAC Transparency and Trust:

                • SAPAC: Emphasizes transparency by openly addressing scams and problematic members, allowing users to report concerns and access information about live scams. 

                3. SAPAC Value Proposition:

                • SAPAC: Offers mutual benefits for both clients and professionals. Clients gain access to reliable professionals, while professionals gain exposure by utilizing technology. This creates a win-win situation.
                • Other organizations: Value proposition can differ. Others may focus on influencing industry policies or standards.

                4. SAPAC Overall Approach:

                • SAPAC: Takes a proactive and solution-oriented approach, actively tackling issues like scams and unethical practices. Their focus is on creating a safe and reliable environment for both clients and professionals.
                • Other organizations: Approach can vary depending on their core objectives. Some may be more passive or reactive, focusing on internal development or advocacy efforts.

                In essence, SAPAC's unique distinction lies in its targeted focus on client-professional connections, emphasis on transparency and trust, proactive stance against scams, collaborative approach to industry improvement, and mutually beneficial value proposition. While other organizations play crucial roles in the construction industry, SAPAC fills a specific gap by directly bridging the gap between reliable professionals and their clients, promoting a more trustworthy and ethical construction landscape. 

                Why does SAPAC Professionals and Contractors work with regulatory authorities?

                SAPAC's collaboration with regulatory authorities goes beyond just complying with laws and regulations. It's a strategic move driven by several key benefits:

                1. Enhanced Industry Standards: By sharing information, SAPAC and regulatory bodies can effectively identify and address unethical practices, scams, and unlicensed individuals operating within the construction industry. This collaborative effort leads to higher overall standards, benefiting both consumers and legitimate professionals.

                2. Improved Consumer Protection: Regulatory authorities have the power to enforce regulations and take disciplinary and legal action against bad actors. Working with them allows SAPAC to amplify its own efforts in combatting scams and protecting consumers from shoddy work or fraudulent contractors. This fosters a safer and more reliable environment for clients seeking reliable construction services.

                3. Streamlined Processes and Transparency: Collaboration ensures smoother communication and information exchange between SAPAC and regulatory bodies. This can expedite investigations, clarify compliance requirements, and promote transparency within the industry. Ultimately, it benefits everyone involved by promoting ethical practices and fair competition.

                4. Credibility and Trust: SAPAC's dedication with established regulatory bodies strengthens its resolve and image. This signifies a commitment to responsible practices and ethical conduct, further enhancing user trust and confidence in the platform.

                5. Joint Advocacy and Initiatives: By working together, SAPAC Professionals and contractors collectively can advocate for stronger regulations, promote consumer education initiatives, and implement joint projects aimed at improving the overall construction industry. This collaborative approach has a greater impact than individual efforts, leading to positive change for the entire sector.

                SAPAC's collaboration with regulatory authorities goes beyond mere compliance. It's a strategic move that drives higher industry standards, improves consumer protection, fosters transparency, strengthens credibility, and enables joint initiatives for the betterment of the construction industry in South Africa. This partnership ultimately benefits everyone involved – from clients seeking reliable professionals to professionals striving for a more ethical and reputable working environment.

                Why does SAPAC Professionals and Contractors show Live scams openly?

                SAPAC's decision to openly show live scams on their platform is a bold and strategic move driven by several key reasons:

                1. Transparency and Trust: By presenting real-life  scams, SAPAC educates users about common tactics and red flags to watch out for. This empowers clients to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to fraudulent contractors.

                2. Deterring Potential Scammers: The public exposure of scam attempts serves as a deterrent to potential bad actors. Knowing their schemes could be exposed on a widely used platform like SAPAC could discourage them from operating within the industry altogether.

                3. Collaborative Investigation and Action: Publicly showcasing scams enables users to report them easily and provides valuable information for SAPAC and regulatory authorities to investigate and take necessary action. This collaborative approach allows for swifter responses and potentially prevents future victims.

                4. Promoting Ethical Practices: Transparency about scams sends a strong message to all stakeholders of the platform: unethical behavior won't be tolerated. This encourages professional members to uphold high standards and promotes a culture of ethical practices within the construction industry.

                SAPAC's decision to openly show live scams is a bold stance against unethical practices. It signifies their commitment to transparency, user education, and a cleaner construction industry. This approach contributes to building a more reputable and reliable construction landscape in South Africa.

                What value is there to becoming a SAPAC Professional and Contractor stakeholder?

                Becoming a SAPAC Professional and Contractor stakeholder offers considerable value for both established and aspiring professionals in the South African construction industry. Here's a breakdown of the key benefits:

                1. Increased Exposure:

                • Gain access to a wider client base seeking reliable construction services through the SAPAC platform, reaching potential clients you might not have found otherwise.
                • Stand out from the competition with your verified profile and positive client reviews, attracting more potential projects.
                • Benefit from SAPAC's communication efforts, include online listings and community outreach, further boosting your visibility and reputation.

                2. Enhanced Credibility and Trust:

                • Being a stakeholder of SAPAC validates you, adding a layer of credibility that sets you apart from unverified individuals.
                • Access exclusive resources and opportunities to further enhance your business, showcasing your commitment to professional development.

                3. Streamlined Project Management and Efficiency:

                • Utilize the platform's tools for, communication, and project details efficiently, saving you time and effort.
                • Client can connect immediately, simplifying communication and streamlining project coordination. It all goes about how you use it.
                • Access a network of trusted professionals within the SAPAC community for potential collaborations or sub-contracting opportunities.

                4. Collaborative Community and Support:

                • Be part of a supportive community of professionals who share best practices, exchange knowledge, and offer peer support.
                • Benefit from networking opportunities and industry events organized by SAPAC, further building relationships and collaborating with other professionals.
                • Contribute to a collective effort to raise industry standards and improve the overall reputation of the construction sector.

                5. Long-Term Career Growth:

                • Building a positive track record and reputation on the SAPAC platform can help you secure long-term contracts and loyal clients.
                • Enhance your career prospects by establishing yourself as a reliable and trustworthy professional within the SAPAC network.
                • Gain access to exclusive opportunities and partnerships that may not be available to non-SAPAC members.

                Becoming a SAPAC Professional and Contractor stakeholder offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond simply finding leads. It's about improving your visibility, enhancing your credibility, streamlining your work, contributing to the industry, and fostering your career, business and own personal growth. If you're a qualified and ethical professional dedicated to quality construction services, SAPAC presents a valuable platform to showcase your expertise and build a successful future in the South African construction sector.

                Where can I report a Professional or Contractor on SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

                Reporting a professional or contractor on SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is a straightforward process. Here are two ways you can do it:

                1. Through the SAPAC platform:

                • Navigate to the "Landing Page" of the SAPAC platform: You'll find this at the bottom of the platform,

                SAPAC Report Form

                • Select the "Report Fraud or Scam" option: This will take you to a dedicated form for reporting issues with professionals or contractors.
                  • Fill out the form: Provide details about the professional or contractor, the issue you encountered, and any relevant evidence you may have, like screenshots, emails, or contracts.
                    • Submit the form: Once you've filled in all the details, click on the "Submit" button.

                    Now contact SAPAC by either leaving a message or by calling the number on the platform.

                      2. Directly on the SAPAC profile page if the entity is a stakeholder with SAPAC:

                      • Go to the professional's profile page: Find the profile of the professional or contractor you want to report.
                        • Click on the "Client Feedback" button: This button is usually located next to the "Leave a review" section on the profile page.
                          • Submit your report: Once you've filled out the information, click on the "Submit" button.

                            Additional Tips for Professionals and Contractors not associated with SAPAC:

                            • Be specific and clear when describing the issue you encountered.
                            • Provide as much evidence as possible to support your claim.
                            • It is important to report the issue you have
                            • Ensure you have a Case number
                            • Ensure you have photographic evidence
                            • You can also report concerns directly to regulatory authorities if you need assistance SAPAC can help.
                            • If you require legal evidence in terms of SANS Building regulations contact SAPAC

                              SAPAC takes all reports seriously and will investigate them promptly. They may take action against the professional or contractor if they are listed, such as suspending or removing their stakeholder status from the platform. Pending investigation.

                              If they are not listed with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors they will go into a depository of self named contractors.

                              Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

                              SAPAC Report Form

                              Remember, reporting unethical or fraudulent behavior is crucial to protecting yourself and other consumers. By taking action and informing SAPAC, you can contribute to a safer and more reliable construction industry in South Africa.


                              Why is Sanlam involved with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors?

                              Sanlam's involvement with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors stems from a mutually beneficial partnership driven by several key goals:

                              For Sanlam:

                                • Gaining Market Insights: Collaborating with SAPAC provides Sanlam with valuable data and insights about the needs and challenges faced by professionals and contractors, allowing them to tailor their offerings and better serve this market segment.

                                  For SAPAC:

                                    • Enhanced Value : Offering stakeholders access to Sanlam's legal and financial expertise.
                                    • Financial Security and Support: Sanlam provides stakeholders with access to essential insurance coverages and financial planning resources, promoting their stability and protecting their businesses.
                                    • Joint Advocacy and Initiatives: Collaborating on industry initiatives and advocacy efforts allows both SAPAC and Sanlam to amplify their impact and drive positive change for the construction sector.


                                    • Shared Values: Both organizations share a commitment to professionalism, ethical practices, and contributing to the growth and development of the South African construction industry.
                                    • Synergy and Collaboration: Combining their respective strengths – SAPAC's network and platform with Sanlam's financial expertise and resources – creates a powerful synergy that benefits the construction industry as a whole for professionals and contractors.

                                  Ultimately, Sanlam's involvement with SAPAC Professionals and Contractors goes beyond simple sponsorship. It's a strategic partnership that leverages their combined strengths to create a more robust, secure, and ethical environment for professionals, contractors, and the entire construction sector in South Africa.

                                  What is the difference between SAPAC and Business Chambers?

                                  Business Chambers and SAPAC (South African Professionals and Contractors) is totally different. Business chambers aim to support businesses. While SAPAC Professionals and Contractors have a distinct target audience and specific areas of focuses that is in line with SANS.

                                  Business Chambers

                                  • Represent a broader range of businesses, including large corporations, SMEs, and startups. Any one can join.
                                  • Focus on promoting the interests of businesses in a particular region or industry.
                                  • Offer a range of services to "members", such as networking events, business development resources, and advocacy on government policy.

                                  SAPAC (South African Professionals and Contractors)

                                  • Specifically represents professional and contracting businesses, such as engineers, architects, builders, electricians and other trades. That are "stakeholders". 
                                  • Provides support and services specific to the needs of professional and contracting businesses, such as industry-specific negotiation assistance, and other professional development opportunities.
                                  • May advocate for the interests of professional and contracting businesses to other stakeholders.


                                  What can I do?

                                  You may re-share this information or you may make a shortcut to your desktop or mobile phone in the following manner. Seeing that these are continuously updated.

                                  Here's how to add a SAPAC shortcut to an Android phone's home screen:
                                  1. Open a browser, like Chrome
                                  2. Go to
                                  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
                                  4. Select Add to home screen
                                  5. Enter the name SAPAC for the shortcut
                                  6. Tap Add 
                                  The shortcut will appear on the home screen
                                  To create a shortcut from a website in Chrome:
                                  1. Open Chrome
                                  2. Go to
                                  3. Click More in the top right
                                  4. Select Save and Share
                                  5. Select Create Shortcut
                                  6. Enter the name for the shortcut - SAPAC
                                  7. Check the Open as window box if you want the page to open in a separate window
                                  8. Click Create 

                                  SAPAC Professionals and Contractors is national in all South African provinces.

                                  Limpopo, Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Free state, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Western Cape Province

                                  Further Reading:

                                  - Google, Trust Matters

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