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Company Profile: LJC Telecom (Pty) Ltd

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SAPAC LJC Telecom Solar and Electrical

Your Trusted Partner in Solar, Electrical, and Telecom Services

About LJC Telecom (Pty) Ltd

Established in 2016, LJC Telecom (Pty) Ltd is a leading service provider specializing in Telecommunication, Electrical Industry, and Green Energy solutions. We deliver a comprehensive range of professional services. Our core focus revolves around solar installations, electrical services, and telecom support. As a certified master installer by Sunsynk and DEYE, we guarantee top-notch quality in all our endeavors.

Our mission is to provide exceptional services with integrity, maintaining customer satisfaction at all times. We are dedicated to building a sustainable business, positioning ourselves as one of the industry's premier service providers within the next five years. Our success hinges on continuously enhancing service quality, turnaround time, and fostering strong customer relationships, leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our team members undergo ongoing technical and personal growth through training, skills development, and hands-on experience. We strictly adhere to SANS regulations and City of Cape Town guidelines. We proudly offer our services to businesses across all sectors, capitalizing on the ever-increasing trend of outsourcing to fuel our growth.

Key Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the Telecom Industry, LJC Telecom is well-versed in various domains, including:

  • Container Reticulation
  • RF Work, Including Work at Heights
  • Abseil Work on Any Site, Any Height
  • New Base Station (NBS)
  • In-Building Solutions (IBS)
  • Tower Upgrades
  • Technical Installation
  • Site Upgrades
  • Rectifier Upgrades
  • Battery Installations and Swaps

In the solar industry, we bring more than 5 years of experience, holding certifications as "Sunsynk Master Installer" and "DEYE Installer." Our solar services include:

  • Grid Tie Solutions
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Lithium Battery Supply
  • Solar Panel Supply
  • Inverter Supply
  • COC (Certificate of Compliance) in compliance with regulations
  • DB Board Upgrades (Single Phase and 3 Phase)
  • Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning

Our 20+ years of experience in Maintenance & Civil Work encompass a wide range of services, including:

  • Pool Heat Pump Installation
  • Garden Lighting
  • Maintenance of Electrical Appliances
  • Carport Construction
  • Generator Installations and Services
  • Concrete Slabs/Floors

At LJC Telecom, we maintain teams with qualifications in Rope Access, Working at Heights, Electricians, Civil teams, and Riggers. We also have a dedicated Safety Officer to ensure a safe work environment.

Services Offering

We offer a full turnkey solution, including:

  • Civil Work
  • Trenching
  • Implementation (Installing and Commissioning)
  • Microwave Links with equipment from Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson
  • RAN/RF/TI Services, featuring Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, and ZTE

Our maintenance services adhere to client standards and cover various aspects, including cladding on vandalized sites, BTS maintenance, NSB, and IBS services for major communications companies.

We provide top-notch electrical services, including new installations, upgrades, and COC for AC/DC systems. In the solar sector, our offerings include solar panel installation, battery swap-outs, grid tie, off-grid solutions, lithium battery supply, and maintenance.

In addition, we excel in general maintenance, generator services, house, office, and factory renovations.

Occupational Health and Safety

At LJC Telecom, we prioritize the health and safety of our employees and the public. We strictly comply with the OHS Act, construction regulations, and various safety standards. Our employees receive comprehensive training, ensuring a high level of Health and Safety awareness.

Social and Economic Responsibility

We are committed to empowering local young professionals by imparting technical skills and strong business ethics. Our goal is to reduce youth unemployment by fostering a highly skilled, responsible, and customer-focused workforce.

Our Dedicated Teams

  • Working @ Heights Team

    • Comprising four technicians
    • Certified in Rope Access, Fall Arrest, and First Aid

  • Electrical Team

    • Teams consist of two Electrical Technicians per team
    • Installation Electricians and Encolop L2-3 certified
  • Civil Team

    • Specializing in projects for major telecom companies, house renovations, office renovations, and custom-made appliances
  • Solar PV Team

    • Certified Green Energy installers
    • PV Green Card Technicians and Working @ Heights Technicians

At LJC Telecom, we have the experience, expertise, and commitment to provide you with the highest quality services in telecom, electrical, and solar solutions. Our goal is to exceed your expectations while contributing to our nation's growth and development. Contact us today to explore how we can assist with your specific needs.

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