Partnering for success: SAPAC and SanlamConnect

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Partnering for success: SAPAC and Sanlam Connect

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Partnering for success: SAPAC and SanlamConnect

We’ve teamed up with South African Professionals and Contractors in a robust partnership.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, partnerships often emerge as catalysts for growth and innovation. These alliances harmonise complementary strengths and resources, giving rise to something greater than the sum of its parts.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, partnerships often emerge as catalysts for growth and innovation. These alliances harmonise complementary strengths and resources, giving rise to something greater than the sum of its parts.

In this spirit of collaboration, South African Professionals and Contractors (SAPAC) has forged a robust partnership with Nellie Mostert, Financial Adviser at SanlamConnect, who is a prominent player in the realm of financial advisory services.

What is SAPAC?

SAPAC is a dynamic platform connecting professionals and contractors with clients, which emerged as a response to address specific shortcomings in the professional and contracting industry. 

However, a significant gap became apparent: the need for professionals and contractors to access sound financial advice. SAPAC, which offers its services to the public free of charge, recognised the imperative from a due diligence perspective: ensuring that the individuals listed receive precise guidance in alignment with their financial security needs.

SAPAC’s commitment transcends the mere listing of professionals and contractors; it encompasses the protection of their interests. To maintain the trust of both public and commercial clients, SAPAC insists on delivering precise due diligence information to potential private and commercial clients. This unwavering commitment to transparency and professionalism propelled the quest for a financial adviser who could provide exemplary customer service and comprehend the intricacies of the contracting sphere.

Forging a robust partnership

A series of meetings ensued to assess SAPAC’s qualities, closely aligned with SAPAC’s mission and objectives.

At the heart of these discussions was the level of service that Sanlam would extend to every individual and business on the SAPAC platform.

These conversations traversed a diverse spectrum of topics, addressing the unique requirements of each business when it came to financial advice.

The partnership with Sanlam not only added value to every professional or contractor on the SAPAC platform but also lit a beacon of hope for the public in search of professionals and contractors through an open-source platform.

As agreed, SAPAC remains steadfast in keeping Sanlam abreast of any new developments. It is not merely a platform – it’s a dynamic system with a robust business foundation, continually adapting to embrace the latest technological advancements.

Why these partnerships matter

The partnership between SAPAC and SanlamConnect holds profound significance on multiple fronts.

Firstly, SAPAC offers its clients an open-source resource, ensuring that every listing is not just commercially correct but exceeds expectations at 110%.

Consequently, any aspiring professional or contractor seeking to join the SAPAC platform must embody openness and honesty, values that lie at the core of SAPAC’s mission and objectives.

Being part of SAPAC transcends a mere listing; it represents a commitment to grow alongside SAPAC and one of the southern hemisphere’s foremost insurers, SanlamConnect. This partnership equips businesses not only to thrive but also to navigate the challenges of the future successfully.

The importance of self-regulation

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SAPAC staunchly believes in self-regulation, which is in the interest of the public and commercial sectors and is equipped with a diverse array of mechanisms to aid different clients facing different challenges. Every professional and contractor on the platform understands and embodies SAPAC’s mission and objectives, reinforcing these values within their own organisations.

The SAPAC-SanlamConnect partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in the corporate arena. It embodies a fusion of shared values, a commitment to transparency and a dedication to nurturing growth and prosperity for all parties involved. As SAPAC continues its evolution, this partnership represents the formidable strength of collaboration in the realm of business.

Being a SAPAC Professional or Contractor has its merits and advantages, but also brings those interested to advocate for self-regulation and agreement to the SAPAC mission and objectives. It is imperative to understand that SAPAC takes a hard-line approach with regard to fraud in the contracting industry and, where applicable, works hand in hand with relevant authorities and other key players to eradicate such activities.

Strengthening the partnership

Monthly seminars are being held at the Sanlam office in George, to which members of the SAPAC platform are invited. Nellie, together with Sanlam Legal Consultant Marelize Faul, represents Sanlam, focusing on financial planning education as well as the product/service offering from Sanlam to the business owners. The last seminar was held on 10 August and the following businesses were present:

  1. DM Direct Message
  2. Radio Fynbos
  3. MaGru Electrical
  4. VoltAu
  5. Heystek Construction
  6. Albertinia Meubelvervoer
  7. Novalenz
  8. JVR Structures Mossel Bay
  9. CGC Construction Maintenance and Repairs
  10.   L&L Electrical
  11.   Croucamp Consulting
  12.   Steeledale Bestfence
  13.   Knell Solar and Electrical Contractors
  15.   Hummingbird Suikerbekkie Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners
  16.   Rudolf Henning Construction
  17.   SKP Boukontrakteurs

The next seminar for September has already been done and the aim is to ensure that construction disciplines are compliant with various legislation and that the businesses have sufficient insurance cover in place. This is a journey that started in the Garden Route but is also expanding nationally. Business owners from Gauteng as well as North West have attended previous seminars.

Partnering for success: SAPAC and SanlamConnect


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