SAPAC Resource Contact List

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SAPAC Resource contact list

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Did you know that with SAPAC there are trusted firms, that complies with regards to requirements. To get in contact complete the form above. Further down in the article is much more information for you.

If your complaint is not Contractor related, then perhaps one of the following organisations might be able to assist you.

Herewith are organisations and associations that can assist you expertly with regard to queries you may have.

  1. The organisation, known as the ARB is the Advisory Regulatory board responsible for advertising. They may be contacted through this link

  2. Association, known as ACASA the Alcohol industry social responsibility association, may be contacted at

  3. The organisation, known as the BCCSA is for when you have a complaint about TV, radio, online podcast, online programs or other radio streaming content, may be contacted through

  4. The Council, known as the CGCSA is to contact the Consumers Goods Council of South Africa, which may be contacted through

  5. Association, known as the CTFA is for the cosmetic, toiletries and fragrance industry association, and may be contacted through

  6. Association, known as DMASA is for the interactive and direct marketing industry association, and may be contacted through

  7. Association, known as HPASA for the Health Products Association, may be contacted through  

  8. Authority, known as ICASA is the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, may be contacted through

  9. Association, known as ISPA is the Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa, may be contacted through 

  10. OMBUDSMAN, known to assist with regard to short-term insurance and long-term insurance. May be contacted through

  11. Association, known as MASA is to assist with the marketing industry association in South Africa

  12. OMBUDSMAN, known as MIOSA is to assists with the motor industry as an ombudsman, may be contacted on

  13. Association, known as NAB, is the National Association for Broadcasters in South Africa. May be contacted through

  14. OMBUDSMAN Banking Services, known as OBS, is the Ombudsman for Banking services. May be contacted through

  15. Association, known as Out of Home Media South Africa may be contacted 

  16. Institute, known as PRISA for the Public Relations Institute of South Africa, may be contacted through

  17. The organisation, known as RMI is for the Retail Motor Industry. May be contacted through 

  18. Authority, known as SAHPRA is for the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. May be contacted at

  19. Association, known as VPASA is for the Vapour Products Association of South Africa may be contacted through

  20. Association, known as Wireless Application Service Providers Association may be contacted at  


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