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Beware fly by night Contractors

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After storms roll out, contractors often roll in, knocking on doors to offer repairs and roofing services. While you may be eager to get your home back in order, exercise caution and use to your advantage. 

The Signs 

  1. Pressure tactics, while some may not believe that they may be pressured into contracting with a contractor it has been shown that social media is the main dominator with false pretences coupled with comments.
  2. Is not registered with the relevant institutes or associations or even presenting falsified information. Why?
    Falsified information and certificates is obtainable from various sources. - Fact
  3. Suggest that you do not contact your insurer? Why?
    Yes this does happen and sometimes you think it may be reasonable. But is it really?
  4. Asks you to sign a Purchase Order request with a deposit. Why?
    Bye, bye deposit! On many occasions stories like this has been logged with SAPAC.
  5. Provides an estimate without substantial facts. Why?
    No transparency and no explanation with regards to prices. 
  6. Asks you to sign a contract and telling you they will fill in the rest. Why? Or providing you with a digital contract to sign. Why?
  7. Requests you to provide cash. Why?
    Never pay with cash you are going to lose it. 

Even if these Signs is not apparent contact to assist you!

What can you do with

  1. Request the contractor to be checked over by
    This is a free service to you as public member!
    If they are a real contractor you will be notified or alternatively contractors that is already with will be provided to you to choose from.
  2. Keep your insurance informed at all times and ensure that your premiums are up to date at all times. 
  3. Do not consult yourself on a contractor alone - There is a saying:

    Only a blind man relies on his own eyes!

What you should do now!

  1. Re share this article with friends and family! 
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