Municipal by laws, and how SAPAC can assist you further!

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How to use SAPAC and what the benefits are in it for You!  


Why use 

In today's economic landscape and municipal legislative bylaws that are being tabled in different areas across South Africa, the importance of utilizing the correct professionals or contractors that are correctly accredited becomes more and more of an issue.

Standards contribute to property value, period! 

Legislation basically provides a clear guideline! The most important of all is to ensure that your property or business structure complies with the said standards. In doing so, a person can, in effect, contribute to property value. If the correct professional or contractor is utilized, of course!


"After all, we all now by now! Our homes are our Castles!" 

On February 1, 2022, the new Property Practitioner Act was signed into law. The objective of this law is to protect consumers in the property industry. This means that if there are defects to your property and you want to sell it, you will need them fixed. And in accordance with specific discipline standards. Depending on the severity and scope of the issue that is required to be addressed, on your property. Professionals and Contractors 

To assist you, the public, in getting to the correct professional or contractor, SAPAC has established a centralized platform, i.e., a panel of experienced experts across an array of disciplines. This panel is associated with Sanlam and SAKRADO. And is available to be used nationally.


How does works!

The SAPAC platform in itself, for lack of a better word, is like a "Rubik's Cube," multifaceted to ensure that you, as a public member, have free access, and furthermore, the public may verify a specific entity with the platform. Or with SAPAC itself.

Your security in knowing

It is essential to know if your professional or contractor is not yet on the SAPAC panel. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with them. Such is the situation, then. That the public may contact SAPAC to perform a required check. Or to obtain a relevant professional or contractor that forms part of the SAPAC panel already.
Your Project with SAPAC

Your project

Further to this service, the public may submit their approved project that they themselves can place on tender to the professionals or contractors that form part of the SAPAC panel. Strict guidelines and the enforcement of ethics are applied to every project.

Good information to know

Interesting to note is that every professional or contractor is a stakeholder and, therefore, forms part of the collective. This ensures that you will obtain the correct service from the correct professionals or contractor and that the work is performed in accordance with the required set standard that applies either to a building, installation, or demolition project. It also leaves you knowing that they will not disappear or abscond.

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