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SM Architectural and Town Planning Services

When selling a property, it is essential to have compliant building plans and certificates of compliance for electrical, gas, water, and pest control installations. These certifications ensure that the property complies with local bylaws and regulations and avoids costly delays and legal issues during the transfer of ownership.

Older properties may require repairs and a check with the local council to ensure building plans are lodged and up-to-date. The SPLUMA Act requires a SPLUMA Certificate for property transfers in certain areas, confirming compliance with local bylaws, zoning, and use of the property, and approved building plans with the local council.

If there are shortcomings and the plans are not compliant, SM Architectural and Town planning services recommends that the sellers take timeous action to get those plans done by them. They are a qualified architectural company that is operating  and lodged with the local councils across South Africa. 

Sellers should also ensure all outstanding property taxes, municipal utilities, and other taxes are paid to date. Certificates of compliance can cause delays, and sellers are responsible for the costs of providing them, unless otherwise agreed in the sale agreement.

The Property inspectors that is with SAPAC recommend getting inspections and repairs done upfront, or at least when the property is listed to avoid potential delays in the transfer of ownership. Electrical certificates must be valid, not older than two years, and is regulated by the Electrical Installation Regulations. 

An electrical CoC should be done by a competent electrician. To find your electrician just look on SAPAC platform.

Invalid certificates can cause costly delays. Some banks have experts who scrutinize certificates of compliance before issuing bank guarantees.

Ensure a smooth and timely transfer of property ownership by obtaining up-to-date building plans and certificates of compliance. Get in contact with SM Architectural and Town Planning services

SAPAC property inspectors provide guidance on the requirements and potential pitfalls of compliance certification for property sellers. They perform proper inspections before a home is sold. 

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