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SANS, or the South African National Standards, is an organization responsible for developing and maintaining national standards in South Africa. These standards cover a wide range of industries and products, including construction, electrical engineering, and consumer goods.

Home Sellers and Buyers do take note

For home inspectors who are inspecting homes for first-time buyers or sellers, it is essential to be familiar with SANS standards, particularly those related to building and construction.

Inspectors who are knowledgeable about these standards can assess a property's compliance with relevant codes and regulations and identify any potential safety hazards or structural defects.

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Property defects – This is a critical element that sellers and landlords need to be aware of. While it has for some time been best practice to include a comprehensive property defects disclosure document as part of a property transfer, it is now mandatory for all property sale and lease agreements. No mandate may be accepted from a seller or landlord without this document, which will then also form part of the sale and lease agreement;

In South Africa, the law requires that all new buildings and renovations comply with SANS standards. This means that homeowners who are building or renovating must ensure that their projects meet the relevant SANS codes and regulations.

Therefore it is essential to ensure that you utilise the SAPAC platform to your benefit or to get into contact with SAPAC though this link for any type of Contractor that applies towards SANS.

For home inspectors, being knowledgeable about SANS standards is crucial because it allows them to provide accurate and informed assessments of a property's compliance with relevant codes and regulations. This can help buyers and sellers make more informed decisions about the properties they are considering, and it can also help ensure that homes are safe and structurally sound.

In summary, SANS is important for first time buyers including home sellers and  home inspectors because it provides a framework for assessing a property's compliance with relevant codes and regulations. Home inspectors who are familiar with SANS standards can help ensure that properties are safe and structurally sound and can provide valuable guidance to buyers and sellers.

Further, home inspectors provide legal reports, can identify the route causes of issues and is currently making use of the SAPAC platform for reliable contractors.

To note: Professional Home inspectors does not subcontract contractors out, taking into account biasedness and fairness towards the Buyer or Seller. 

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