Van’s Electrical Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations

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Van’s Electrical Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations

Our Story

 The company was founded in November 1962, in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape of Southern Africa.  The founder was Mr Phillip van Rensburg, started as an electrical supply and equipment trading and services company.  Over the years the company has earned a reputation for excellence and professionalism for continuously striving to meet, and even exceed, standards which set the climate for a sustainable business relationship with its clients.

 We offer electrical power products ranging from transformers, breakers, panel boards and much more.  We have a show room where we sell the latest modern light fixtures and chandeliers.

 Our team is composed of technically skilled and highly dedicated personnel working to promote value added solutions with a competitive pricing structure to suit your needs.

Our commitment is to deliver outstanding results that will exceed your expectations.

The company partners with some of the largest manufacturers in the electrical industry to ensure high quality products.

We look forward to providing our services and products to your company.  Rest assured that we live by our service commitment:  Delivering results, exceeding expectations. 


Van’s Electrical firmly believes that electricity is the cornerstone of a high quality life.  There will be a never ending need for products and services to harness and maximize its full potential and use.  In doing so, we will be the best provider of electrical products and services.

We will be recognized by:

Our customers

As a dependable and reliable distributor and seller of electrical products and services

As a proactive company capable of competing in all facets of the marketplace through constant improvement and innovation

As a family-owned business that satisfies customers with easy and hassle free transactions

Our Suppliers

As a creative, experienced and top seller of electrical products in the industry

As a company who appreciates and recognizes that sustainable partnerships are essential to the company’s success

 Our Employees

As an employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees

As an innovative and technologically upfront company that ensures employee competence and advancement

As an employer who guarantees a safe working environment

As an employer who engages in training programs to help employees progress in their personal and professional growth

Our Industry

As a partner that promotes collaboration by engaging in trade associations

As a business that makes a difference to the quality of life through the impact of excellent products, services and solutions.


The safety of our workforce is the most important aspect of our business, no exception.  We aim to stay at the fore front of the industry.  We are committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted with zero harm to all people and the environment and the quality of our products and services are upheld and consistently maintained.


In a single hour, the sun transmits more energy to the earth’s surface than the entire world consumes in a year. We are in a country that is fortunate enough to receive the most sunshine all year round so it makes perfect sense when it comes to solar energy.  Smart, simple and clean energy is the importance what the sun plays in preserving our way of life.  Helping homeowners realize the cost of savings and benefits of solar power, to become more energy efficient or making a difference in our communities, we are passionately dedicated to preserving the environment and culture in which we all work, play and love. We are committed to delivering clean energy solutions that are customized to server every persons needs with personal service and creative installation options.

More homeowners are turning to solar energy to reduce their rising electricity costs.


Van’s Electrical is committed to providing the highest quality products and services exceeding our client’s expectations.  We shall continue to expand in equipment and facilities and engage in training and certification programs to further serve customers with utmost excellence and professionalism.

As we carry out our mission, we shall be guided by values of integrity, reliability, commitment and collaboration.

Our commitment to service is to:

Delivering results, exceeding expectations


1. Electrical Installations of Industrial and Domestic

2. Testing of motor control gear

3. Certificate of Compliance Tests

4. Maintenance of Industrial and Domestic

5. General Supplies of all electrical equipment

6. Light Fittings   -  Urban and Residential streets

                               Industrial Halls and Warehouses

                               Interior Buildings and Offices

                               Residential Houses                      

Solar Installations:

Solar power systems for:          Shopping Malls

                                                Warehouse Parks

                                                Vehicle Parking

                                                Office Blocks

                                                Commercial Farms

                                                Off Grid / Remote

                                                Residential Homes

                                                Spa and Hotels


Name of Company      :  Van’s Elektries Mosselbaai Trust

Trading Name             :  Van’s Electrical

Business Address        :  44 Marsh Street, Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa ,6506

Telephone                   : (027) 044 690 3417

Mobile                         :  082 577 2382

e-mail                          :


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