Eskom affecting Solar and Electrical Industry

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The IMPACT Eskom has on the "Solar Industry in South Africa" 

What you need to know!

With Eskom load shedding many citizens has resorted to contacting their nearest electrical firm for a solar panel system. Such systems consist of Solar panels, inverter and a lithium battery bank. As such the demand on these components has increased and is currently affecting all importers of such systems. It is the classic supply and demand scenario. Some electrical firms have systems that has been booked in advance by citizens that needs to power their homes to ensure daily living can continue unhindered. 

Eskom warns that after 73 days more load shedding is to come

Source IOL  written by Siphelele Dludla


Eskom chief executive Andre de Ruyter said it will take weeks for the national grid to be restored to function optimally as the system was unreliable and unpredictable at the moment.

“This is not the news you want to hear, you want to have an end to load shedding sooner. Unfortunately, due to the unlawful strike, we have suffered significant backlogs in maintenance and we had to operate the plants under conditions that are less than ideal.


So what can You do! 

You can press this link [SAPAC] 

And contact a reputable professional electrical and solar system installer and book your Solar System in advance if you have not done so already. This in effect means that the Electrical Professional contractors on the system may be contacted and that bookings in advance for your system can be made.

Start booking in Advance a system!

However you will need to take heed of the fact to start booking in advance with these companies so that your system can be ordered, tagged and slotted into the Que. Your system will then be installed towards applicable electrical standards and these professionals can then issue you with a certificate of compliance with regards to your installation.

South African Professionals and Contractors

If you are a reputable solar and electrical contractor get in touch with SAPAC today. Find out more on what we are doing. And why we are doing what we are doing!

We cover the entire Southern Africa, and look forward to engaging with you!

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