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Building inspectors: How do we help you?

Our function as independent property inspectors is to provide a full property inspection which is unbiased for both the benefit of the buyer and seller of any property which is a visual inspection of the current condition of that property at time of inspection.
BuildCon solutions are professionally trained to high standards and we’ll be able to provide you with a thorough house and home inspection.
This enables us to offer a wide scope of services to all persons requiring our services in areas of property inspections and house checks in the property industry from residential to commercial. 

What type of Property Inspections or House & Home Checks are done?

• Roof Inspection Internal / External
• Building and Outbuilding(s) structure Internal / External for example cracks etc
• Damp and Waterproofing inspection Moisture meter readings to confirm inspection
• Doors and Windows Inspection
• Visual inspection for wood rot, rust etc
• Glazing inspection
• Storm water management and grading of ground
• Decking, Balconies, Balustrading, Pool fencing,
• Visual inspection to confirm compliance with regulations etc.
 • Boundary walls and free standing walls
• Pool Inspection and surroundings
• Plumbing Inspection: Checking of all plumbing to ensure functionality and for any visible leaks. Geyser Installation in roof correct
• Security, Health & Safety and Fire Protection Inspection
• Electrical Inspection Visual inspection of DB board, roof wiring etc, plugs, light switches, covers, gate motors, garage doors etc.
• Electrical Fence Inspection Visual inspection of fence installation
• Gas Installation Inspection Visual inspection if complies with regulation.


Different types of property inspections & house checks.

• Comprehensive inspections (report and pictures) – covers everything on the property from boundary walls, roof, plumbing, drainage, electrics, structural-walls, damp, cracks etc.
• Structural inspection report (report and pictures) – covers property only-walls, cracks, damp, roof, electrics, plumbing, drainage
• Customer walk through inspection – (visual walk through with customer pointing out areas of concern-no report or pictures)
• Thermal imaging Inspection Report – Thermal images, leak detection, cold and warm spots in the house
• Single items inspections- as per client request

Benefits of having a property inspection.

By having the home inspected from top to bottom allows you to place the correct value on the property you are bonding, but more importantly allows you to assess the health of the house.
This will enable you to also evaluate the homeowner insurance for the house without paying for unnecessary claims which may be due to no maintenance on the property ie. roof leaks, damp, plumbing issues which were not seen at time of purchase by the homeowner.
Not only does this evaluation of the property protect the banks interest in the house but also protects the new homeowner from any unforeseen circumstances before the purchase of the property as hefty repair bills may cause the new owner unnecessary financial strain at the beginning of the purchase of their house amongst other initial expenses that have already been outlaid.

Other legal required inspections carried out for the sale of properties.

If they are available at time of inspection:

• Approved plan: check if plan is same as current house
• Electrical certificates: Property and Electric fence

Our registrations & affiliations.

• Certified and trained through SAHITA (The South African Home Inspection Training Academy)
• NABISA (National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa)

Examples of typical compliance inspections.

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