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SAPAC Dak Koning

Company Profile: Dak Koning, your Roofing Specialist.

Welcome to Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd

Our collective mission at Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd is centred on innovation and tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client. We are the preferred competent supplier of Roofing and roof sheeting services.

Roofing Specialist Garden Route 

In the realm of roofing and sheeting supply, we proudly serve with an extensive range of steel and polycarbonate roof sheeting products, sourced from their state-of-the-art Manufacturing and Distribution Centres in Western Cape,

Industrial, Commercial & Domestic Roofing Specialists

Dak Koning caters to the commercial, industrial, and domestic markets. Our Customer Focused Strategy empowers us to provide all our clients with top-quality roofing materials at competitive prices, all while delivering unparalleled convenience and competent services.

Roofing Structure Specialist Strategy

Our roofing business strategy places an emphasis on convenience, electronic procurement, and, most notably, post-purchase support. As an added value, our core operations encompass complete project management and building processes for the construction of various roofing structures, catering to domestic, agricultural, and industrial sectors.

Roofing Projects

What sets us apart is our ability to oversee your entire roofing project, from the supply and installation of timber trusses to the provision and installation of roof coverings. We take pride in adhering to construction regulations, ensuring that we can assist you in obtaining a roof completion certificate, a requirement enforced by municipalities.

Our Commitment to Roofing Requirements

Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd has successfully executed numerous contracts in both the Public and Private Sectors. Our extensive experience in the Construction and Roofing Industry is exemplified by the projects we have delivered.

Safety Policy: As Directors of Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd, we bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the Company's compliance with Health and Safety Legislation. The Company is unwavering in its commitment to maintaining workplace health and safety for our employees, customers, or visitors at our premises, and anyone impacted by our day-to-day operations.

We firmly do believe that accidents can be prevented, and we are fully dedicated to taking all reasonable measures to prevent accidents in our workplace.

Quality Policy: Our company's policy revolves around delivering high-quality, well-designed construction solutions through a professional approach to the construction process, with a particular emphasis on cost management, scheduling, meticulous attention to detail, and flexibility in addressing and resolving complex issues. Further we ensure traceability amongst other quality objectives.

Environmental Policy: Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to minimizing construction waste and pollution. The responsibility for implementing environmentally friendly practices rests with the company's management and staff. We recognize that environmental awareness is of paramount importance in the construction industry. Including whichever site we operate on.

Our Roofing Services include

  • Roofing Supplier for a wide array of roof sheeting profiles and colors.
  • IBR & CORRUGATED ZINCALUME AZ 150 Coated Roof Sheeting.
  • IBR & CORRUGATED ZINCALUME AZ 200 Coastal Coated Roof Sheeting.
  • IBR & CORRUGATED COLORPLUS Ultima AZ 200 / COLORBOND Ultra AZ 200 Coastal Coated Roof Sheeting.
  • Diamondek 407 Clip Lock Concealed Fix Roof Sheeting Profiles.
  • Diamondek 700 Clip Lock Concealed Fix.
  • Custom-made COLORBOND Steel Capping & Flashings.
  • Bullnosing, Cranking & Curving of Steel Roof Sheeting.
  • SISALATION Double Sided Foil Insulation and Fasteners.
  • ISOTHERM Polyester Blanket Insulation.
  • Bulk Timber & Engineered Timber Roof Trusses.

Roofing & Construction Services:

  • Installation of Roof Trusses
  • Domestic & Industrial Roofing Contracting.
  • COLORBOND Steel Roofing Installation.
  • Value-Added Construction Services, including Structural Steelwork and Home Building.
  • Home Renovations encompassing Roofing & Interior improvements.

Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd - Contact us Today

At Dak Koning (Pty) Ltd, we are dedicated to providing you with top-quality roof sheeting products, coupled with convenience and exceptional after-sales service. We offer a comprehensive, one-stop service, covering everything from Roof Removal to Roof Inspections. Additionally, we supply and install new IBR, Corrugated, or Clip Lock Colorbond Steel Roofs to meet your roofing needs.


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