Crucial Points to Discuss with Your Sanlam Financial Advisor for Effective Financial Planning in South Africa

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When it comes to navigating the unpredictable waters of the financial markets and life's curveballs, having a trustworthy partner is essential. That's why investing in a partnership with a financial advisor can be a game-changer in achieving your financial goals. To make the most out of your annual meetings with your advisor, here are five crucial points to discuss:

  1. Updating Your Will: A lot can change in a year, so it's important to ensure that your will and estate planning reflect any significant life changes that have occurred since your last meeting. This includes events such as marriage, divorce, death, or birth of a child.

  2. Tax Efficiency: Ask your financial advisor if your financial plan is as tax-efficient as it can be. Make sure that your capital and income are stored and transferred in the most tax-efficient structures possible.

  3. Risk Appetite: Your appetite for risk may change throughout your investing career. Discuss with your advisor whether your portfolio reflects your current risk appetite.

  4. Investment Opportunities: Find out which tools your advisor uses to ensure you have access to the widest range of investment opportunities without excess cost. Your advisor can help you build a diverse portfolio that suits your needs.

  5. Peace of Mind: In today's information age, it can be challenging to separate sound financial advice from the noise. Your advisor can help you cut through the clutter and provide peace of mind by helping you make informed decisions.

Glacier by Sanlam is an investment platform that offers the most comprehensive range of investment solutions in the market. With an extensive choice of funds to select from, your needs can be put at the center of your fund selection.

In conclusion, investing in a partnership with a Sanlam financial advisor can be a wise decision in achieving your financial goals. By discussing these five crucial points, you can make the most out of your annual financial advisor meetings and stay on track towards financial success.

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