Electrical Approved Inspection Authority AIA

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Electrical Approved Inspection Authority 

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The Electrical Approved Inspection AuthorityElectrical Approved Inspection Authority

What should I know about the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority?

Bravoscan, the electrical approved inspection authority is the "only" registered legitimate electrical approved inspection authority that is mentioned within regulation 3 and 4 of the Electrical Installation Regulations as depicted in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993. Subsequently they may also perform their functions in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996 as competent and reliable subject matter experts. 

In line with this Bravoscan, the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority carries the required accreditation with SANAS an inspection body that ensures that all management systems and practices performed by the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority is in line with expected standards, legal requirements and takes on a professional unbiased approach with regards to Electrical Contractors and that legal applications is applied within the prescribed functions and letter of the law and the relevant SANS regulations. 

Why will I use the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority Bravoscan

You can contact the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) if you have questions about electrical installation work, health, or safety standards. You can also contact the  AIA if you have questions about the validity of a certificate of compliance. Or with regards to a solar panel, battery and inverters solar pv (Photovoltaic) management systems that is not conforming. Or if your installer for some reason has disappeared.

The Electrical AIA plays a key role in maintaining public health and safety and upholding the electrical discipline.

Reasons the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority will be unable to assist you.

1. You paid an installer and they disappear with your deposit.
2. You place an order through a Website but do not receive your order for electrical hardware. 
3. You have been the victim of a Scam. 

Do contact SAPAC Professionals and Contractors with regards to such issues.

How to Contact "Bravoscan" the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority 

To submit a complaint through to the Electrical Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) there are various routes and options available to you. 

1. You can request an Electrical Inspection.

2. You can request a reinspection as is required by the Department of Labor. 

3. If you are an electrical contractor you can book a technical consultation.

4. Legal / Compliance Enquiry (if you want to know what to do after buying a house, contract work, or suffered injury)

5. If you have a General Enquiry in your Electrical Addition or Installation. 

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