Sanlam and SAPAC Join Forces

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Sanlam and SAPAC Join Forces to address critical issues in South African Industries.

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SAPAC Seminar Trusted professionals and Contractors

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Did you know that with SAPAC there are trusted firms, that complies with regards to requirements. To get in contact complete the form above. Further down in the article is much more information for you.

Ask yourself!

Are you a Legal Supplier, Professional or Contractor tired of underquoting in your Industry? Look no further than the SAPAC Professionals and Contractors Collective, and their exciting partnership with Sanlam, Africa's largest non-banking financial services group!

Latest News

SAPAC held another Seminar on the 21st of February 2024 with many SAPAC Stakeholders present including online. Suppliers, Professionals and Contractors present can be seen under this article while others where inundated with project deadlines and could not attend in person. Some is therefore then not listed.

What is SAPAC?

SAPAC was created to address critical issues within various trade disciplines in South Africa. Their mission? To combat fraud, and self-proclaimed professionals and contractors who undercut legitimate businesses. SAPAC also is tackling a plethora of issues that affects all within the different discipline trades. Especially the electrical discipline.

Why Partner with Sanlam?

SAPAC recognized Sanlam's commitment to providing accountable value and their dedication to supporting the SAPAC Professionals and Contractors Collective. Through this partnership, Nellie Mostert “Financial Advisor” at Sanlam, offers sustainable and proactive business solutions to these businesses, all facilitated by a simple Letter of Authorization. And a real tangible and feasible commitment.

According to a SAPAC statement made by Mrs. Eloise Marais, “Sanlam is the only insurance underwriter that really understands the special requirements and needs of the specific trades and disciplines.”

How to Join SAPAC:

Any legal supplier, professional, or contractor can apply to join SAPAC through the following link: However, becoming a SAPAC stakeholder is not as easy. A formalized process is followed and a LOA needs to be submitted. Ensuring the collective maintains its high standards. Risk Management principles are applied diligently in all disciplines. And it is important for SAPAC to ascertain through its unique partnership with Sanlam that a Contractor is feasible and commercially viable. 

Benefits of Joining SAPAC:

  • Uphold trust, transparency, and accountability in your industry.
  • You will gain access to valuable Sanlam business solutions.
  • Network with other reputable professionals and contractors not just through Seminars but also through SAPAC Summits being planned.
  • Eradicate fraud and unfair practices alongside a dedicated team. And much, more…

Real-World Examples of SAPAC's Impact:

SAPAC has already made a significant impact in various industries, including: Identifying and addressing building issues, electrical solar issues and much more.

Join the Movement!

Whether you're an architect, builder, registered electrical contractor plumber, or any other qualified professional, SAPAC offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in your industry. Don't miss out on this chance to be a part of something bigger! Visit to express your interest today.

For the public:

If you are a business owner or commercial client or public member you can contact SAPAC to provide you with the correct assistance or to address issues, all you need to do is visit this link to either lodge and issue or request a service provider in your area.

Together, let's build a future of trust and accountability!

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These are SAPAC Stakeholders that was present in attendance in person or online. From across South Africa.

Trusted SAPAC Entity   Link
Albertinia Meubelvervoer  
Astra Excel Contracting
Ben Vrey Construction and Property
BESTA Bouers
Blue Water Solutions 
CGC Construction
Dak Koning
Distinctive Group
East Electrical Maintenance
Eden Marble & Granite
E-Power Technologies
Food Sock
Fair Deal Garden Route
GHS Projects
GKD Kitchens
GR Sands
Heystek Construction
Horizon Electrical
HMBS Projects
Humming Bird Cleaners
JUBA Projects
JVR Structural Engineers
Kandula Construction
Knell Solar & Electrical Contractors
Laingsburg Drilling
L&L Electrical
Lightning Gurus
LJC Telecom
MaGru Electrical
Nellie Mostert - Sanlam 
Ocean Construction
On Point Decking
Peace of Mind Management
Radio Fynbos
Pro Rig Trading Enterprises
R Croucamp Consulting
Rudolf Henning Construction
SKP Boukontrakteurs
Spick Span
SPS Solar Panel Specialist
SS Property Inspections
Steeldale Best Fence
Stilbaai Builders
Storm Solar Solutions
Suid Kaap Mini Diggers
Susal Constrution
Terayne Electrical
Thorne Energy




SAPAC Terayne Electrical

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