Peace of Mind Inspection of your Holiday Home Property

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Inspection of your Holiday Home

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Peace of Mind Inspection of Your Property


SAPAC Jason Barnes Peace of Mind Property Glass and Aluminum Hessequa

"Property management inspections are important"

Owner - Jason Barnes

Property management inspections

play a crucial role in safeguarding your property and maintaining its value. We commit to conducting regular assessments of both the interior and exterior of your property, with the frequency of inspections determined by the chosen package. Keys entrusted to our care are securely stored in a specialized key safe when not in use.

During inspections, we focus on identifying various aspects:

  1. Safety Hazards: We look for potential safety risks such as accumulated rubbish that could harbor dangerous snakes, gaps in paving, or broken floor tiles that might lead to accidental injuries. Additionally, we check for the presence of fire extinguishers and fire alarms, the condition of electrical cords, and the safety of swimming pools without proper fencing or safety nets. Detection of damaging pests like termites is also part of our inspection.

  2. Code Violations: Our inspections include a thorough examination for code violations, encompassing issues such as absence of handrails on stairs, improper ventilation, and unsafe windows.

  3. Security Issues: We check for security-related concerns, such as malfunctioning alarms and security lights, damaged burglarproofing, non-functional outside lights, garage doors that do not close properly, and broken locks.

  4. Electrical Appliance Checks: We ensure that essential electrical appliances, such as freezers and geysers, are in working order. Through SAPAC Professionals and Contractors we know the electrical contractor that comes to your property is correctly licensed and accredited.  

  5. Repair Needs: Identification of repair needs is a key component of our inspections. This includes addressing issues like a defective swimming pool pump, non-functional fountains, signs of water leaks, and damaged or broken windows.

  6. Maintenance Needs: Our inspections cover maintenance requirements such as peeling paint, cracked walls, woodwork in need of oiling, loose gutters or roof tiles, rust on metal surfaces, trees requiring pruning, and more.

To streamline our processes, we utilize a cutting-edge application accessible via cellphones, tablets, or computers. This allows us to report and record maintenance activities comprehensively. Throughout the entire process, we document each step, capturing images and keeping you informed through email, WhatsApp, or SMS updates. This meticulous approach ensures transparency and accountability in maintaining and enhancing the condition of your property.

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Peace of Mind Inspection of Your Holiday Property

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