CGC Construction - Chaz Chadinha

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CGC Construction - Chaz Chadinha

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Unveiling the Masterpieces: CGC Construction's

Nestled in the picturesque town of George, CGC Construction reigns supreme as a prominent Turn Key developer, serving the enchanting Garden Route in all its glory. With an impressive array of services, CGC Construction has become synonymous with excellence in new developments and construction projects that captivate the imagination. Among their notable achievements stands the prestigious Villa Keys in Wilderness, a true gem that has lured tourists from far and wide, boasting a majestic and sprawling log cabin that exudes charm and allure.
SAPAC Villa Keys Wilderness

At the helm of CGC Construction, guiding projects with an unwavering vision, is the esteemed director, Mr. Chaz Chadinha. With his keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to perfection, Mr. Chadinha has propelled CGC Construction to the forefront of the industry, earning accolades and admiration along the way.

Project management

One of the many areas where CGC Construction shines is its unparalleled expertise in project management. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, they have successfully orchestrated an impressive portfolio of projects, ensuring seamless execution and delivery that surpasses expectations. Whether it's a commercial endeavor, a residential development, or a community infrastructure project, CGC Construction leaves an indelible mark, creating spaces that inspire and stand the test of time.

New commercial construction

When it comes to new commercial construction, CGC Construction is a force to be reckoned with. Their skilled craftsmen are well-versed in a range of materials, including brick, timber, and Nutec Homes, enabling them to breathe life into architectural visions. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, CGC Construction constructs commercial structures that not only meet the functional needs of their clients but also embody aesthetic brilliance, leaving an indelible impression on all who encounter them.

Skilled alteration and maintenance crews

However, CGC Construction's expertise doesn't end there. They have assembled highly skilled alteration and maintenance crews, ensuring that existing structures are not only preserved but enhanced to reach their full potential. Whether it's a renovation project or a seamless integration of modern features into a heritage building, CGC Construction's teams take pride in their ability to rejuvenate spaces and bring them into the present while honoring their unique heritage.


Waterproofing is a crucial aspect of any construction endeavor, and CGC Construction understands this better than anyone. Their dedicated waterproofing crews employ the latest techniques and materials to safeguard structures against the elements, offering peace of mind to clients who seek longevity and durability in their investments.

Decking and paving crews

For those seeking to extend their living spaces into the great outdoors, CGC Construction boasts skilled decking and paving crews that can transform any landscape into a harmonious oasis. From elegant and functional deck designs to meticulously crafted pathways, CGC Construction's teams blend creativity and craftsmanship to create outdoor spaces that invite relaxation and communion with nature.

CGC Construction's journey along the Garden Route has been one of unwavering dedication, exceptional craftsmanship, and an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. With Mr. Chaz Chadinha at the helm, this visionary company continues to exceed expectations, delivering turnkey solutions that shape the landscape and create unforgettable experiences. From project management to new commercial construction, alterations, maintenance, waterproofing, decking, and paving, CGC Construction stands as a beacon of excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the Garden Route's architectural tapestry.


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CGC Construction Chaz Chadinha

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