We operate on ISO 9001:2015

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We operate on  ISO 9001:2015

But what does that mean? 

SAPAC, as a registered entity operates on a qualitative quality management system that incorporates the following. 

As with other quality management methods, ISO’s requirements and improvements contain agreed upon principles. ISO 9001 includes seven principles!

Customer Focus: On these premises alone customers (PUBLIC) keeps on returning to the Contractor that manages their online profile. The public safety is of the utmost importance, and so is that of the Professionals and Contractors that forms part of the collective. The customer always comes first and where applicable GRPC provides input and data that is measurable over time. 

Engagement of People: Business owners and employees now have access to obtain relevant real time feedback that is monitored by group administrators of GRPC - Garden Route Professionals and Contractors. Keeping a contractor informed of daily feedback. As a collective we understand clients engagement comes first always! And our major driver is engagement with the public no matter who they are.

Leadership: With a SAPAC profile key employees within a business can share a company profile and essence with a simple message straight from the profiles dashboard to a client. But it does not stop there, there is more to a profile than meets the eye.

Process Approach to Quality Management: Our goals as a collective of professionals and contractors is simple and GRPC is seen as the gate keepers of the online platform that is freely available to the public to access. There fore we should not be confused as a listing agency. As gate keepers and administrators of profiles we understand each professional and contractor that becomes part of GRPC has their own unique processes. Therefore we have unique solutions to each professional and contractor 

Continual Improvement: Continual improvement is a major key element that we address daily throughout our own operational requirements that overlap with our clients processes and communication. And we address concerns not in a timely fashion but with an immediate response. No matter the hour of the Day. 

Evidence-Based Decision Making: To make our decisions we analyse and disseminate data points and based on these factors we build on trust, honesty and transparency. SAPAC is the bench mark in South Africa when it comes to Professionals and Contractors.   

Relationship Management: We are active in engaging with all Professionals and Contractors that forms or become part of the collective; their partners and even their suppliers. Through active participation and consultation we provide active real time feedback towards the need of the public.

To be a SAPAC Professional or Contractor carries much more benefit. And the many dual purposes we employ and utilize to our disposal is a proven ROI opportunity in itself. 

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