SAPAC Code of Conduct

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SAPAC`s Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been developed as a guideline of basic principles that conforms to the expected practice of SAPAC Professionals and Contractors. This is not a regulatory or enforceable code. However generic applies with common sense to all and encompasses good practice. 


1. All ways where possible support continuous professional development within the professional sphere, including business owners. By regulations imposed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and where applicable the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996. And were directed by different professional bodies.

2. Uphold all relevant statutory registrations including relevant associations and institutes where applicable. Including regulatory bodies. 

3. Observe that all videos and pictures of installations and finished products are authentic before posting through media or tagging SAPAC.

4. Decal vehicles where possible visibly with the SAPAC identification with your business name and contact details. 

5. Support the importance of standards, only utilize applicable approved quality approved SANS products. Applicable to your specific discipline and in line with national building regulations, local authority bylaws, and all other mandatory standards as specified on technical drawings or engineering plans.

6. Conduct business in a manner that is legal, fair, transparent, and honorable. Especially about warranties, guarantees on final delivery, or handover. And possible backup services that may be offered by yourself.

7. Respect other disciplines' opinions where required to consult. If possible do not sub-contract, take into consideration each discipline as a "bona fide" subject matter expert and work together in harmony. Emphasis on this must be placed and due consideration should and must be given to active participation, consultation, and effective communication principles applied throughout the contracting sphere.

8. Voluntarily and actively engage with SAPAC on all matters. When and where applicable note that the resource being built actively daily is a collective of like-minded business owners with years of experience that can be applied when and where it is required and applicable.

9. Always safeguard the public interest when it comes to health safety and quality workmanship. Conduct business operations in high regard and with high consideration towards the surrounding operational environment. And ensure to incorporate a clean-as-you-go system within your specific discipline. To make it easier operation for other trades that are coming after your build, installation, fix, or solution. Lift the current operational standards to ensure neatness when and where applicable on all development sites, and at your client residences.

10. When and where possible observe the media and where applicable promote, tag, or mention
@South African Professionals and Contractors.
Where possible designate this duty within your business. This ensures that as SAPAC,  seeing that our agents and office are online we are proactively engaging and fulfilling our mission!

11. All new SAPAC subscriber members must be seconded and must be proposed by current SAPAC Professionals and Contractors.  Or either by appointed agents of SAPAC.

12. Always ensure that liability insurance and worker compensation are updated in line with applicable legal and statutory obligations. 

13. When in doubt always lean on SAPAC. For expert advice on matters relating to internal systems and or to engage with other subject matter experts in the SAPAC fold. 

14. Understand, that your online platform performs the function of an extensional tool and carries a range of functionality that is not limited. Utilize your platform to encourage more engagement and better operational successes!

15. Ensure workers are medically fit and have passed the ir relevant regulatory check as defined in the OHS Act or MHS Act.


Doc No: SAPAC Code of Conduct 5.2(B) 2022

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