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We specialize in Project Management, residential and commercial construction including property development. The firm was established 2007 as a renovation contractor, two years later turned into a residential building contractor.
Property development started in 2014 and in a short period of time the company established itself in the project management & construction industry building multiple luxury homes and commercial projects. From the outset, the company is driven by a single purpose: “to set the highest innovative standards of craftsmanship and service within the industry.”
Ben Vrey Construction and Property Western Cape Building Professional
Mr Ben Vrey from "Ben Vrey Construction and Property"

Service overview

We are responsible for overall planning and management of projects from beginning to completion. Preparing, coordinating and liaising the site with architect, engineer, estimator, surveyor, safety officer and owner before construction works begin.

We develop programs to carry out projects more effective and sufficient to reduce cost to company as well as strategic planning ahead to prevent complications on site before they occur. Frequent on site safety inspections ensures that health, safety and environmental measures are in place and adhered to.
By Ensuring that our employees is always wearing PPE and that they are well trained and briefed towards their specific scope of work to prevent accidents and creating a safer work environment.
By overseeing and running of several projects we provide direction to reporting managers to ensure that they comply within the (National Home Builders Registration Counsel) NHBRC guidelines of South-Africa.

We Direct cost efficient measures by improving each individual’s construction capabilities, skills and performance while reducing the number of employees to work effectively to achieve sustainability.

Your opportunities

  • We implement, a strategy addressing your cost efficiency and quality building in the shortest amount of time to your requirements and company standards.
  • We utilize, new innovative methods towards construction materials that addresses climate change, competition and critical financial times. 
  • We are, proactive with all our communication.
  • We improve on continuous basis our client relations including that of our employees and suppliers.  
  • On a continuous basis we evaluate and improve our work ethics.
  • We provide quality craftsmanship and outstanding business ethics by word of mouth sales.  

Our Strategic Approaches

  • By setting a high standard of quality and marketing strategies within the building industry.
  • Daily toolbox talks, training and risk assessment to prevent incidents, problems and work failures on site.
  • Develop a dedicated hardworking, cohesive team with members fully committed to our standard and goal set by us.
  • Develop a feasible roadmap, that addresses the following outcomes and gains.  
  1. Production stability.
  2. Reduced development costs.
  3. Reduced Infrastructure costs.
  4. Continuous improvement and development of our employees 
  • By ensuring continuous communication with our workforce and providing training to them to act preemptively towards possible problems and work failures on site.
  • Developing strategic ethical ways to cut cost to company.
  • Performing daily site visits and inspections to minimize possible time-consuming delays or setbacks. Thus improving on productivity.  

Our Successes 

  • Currently our CEO is president of the Master Builders Association Boland - MBA Boland.
  • Our CEO is also a Board member of the Master Builders Association of South Africa - MBA South Africa


  • We have increased our production capability and velocity.
  • We have established a reduction in development costs.
  • We successfully compete with well - established building companies. 
  • We have created a successful team that is renowned and known for best quality and service within the property market.
  • We have increased customer satisfaction through continually building good relationships and ongoing trust. 
  • We are well known for setting a high standard of perfection and capability in the construction industry. 
  • We always complete projects on time and we never miss a deadline.
  • We have increased client satisfaction and have achieved a 27% growth in construction projects.
  • We successfully mentor and coach a team of 40 employees. 


Our continued focus

  • Continual pro active improvement on new strategies  and approaches towards modern day building.
  • Paying attention to the finest details while still seeing the bigger picture.
  • Innovative thinking and adapting towards new technologies and methods that addresses climate change.
  • Focusing on our team building and continuously improve our employees, creating a co-operative self - motivating working environment. 
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement through mentoring, feedback and trust.
  • Constantly training and developing our site managers, contractors and co-workers.
  • Assemble an efficient three-dimensional multi skilled team. Cultivating positive goals and innovative thinking with performance driven benefits to all team members to ultimately satisfy with performance driven benefits to all team members to ultimately satisfy the client and the company.
  • Enhancing the placebo effect. 

Our References


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Visit our Facebook Page for Photos on projects completed.

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Our Established experience

  • 14 Years of experience in Construction
  • UMALUSI Business management & Entrepreneurship 
  • NHBRC - National Home Builders Registration Council  

Registration No:  1-130362301 t/a; Golden Rewards 1605 CC


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